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  1. SouthernShao

    Inserting Images On These Forums

    I appreciate the reply! Let me rephrase. I'm trying to figure out how this forum works in regards to posting direct images. Some forums accept a share of a copied link from Google Drive, but the image feature here is not producing the image from said link. For example, doing an draws an error...
  2. SouthernShao

    Inserting Images On These Forums

    What are the requirements for this particular forum type to accept a given URL for a photo share? Thank you.
  3. SouthernShao

    Untitled Project

    Note: I'm running into an issue with this forum's ability to post pictures. I am working on the fix right now. Hello! Let me quickly introduce myself. My name's Joshua, and I've been an amateur game designer for many years. I've worked with several game design programs such as RPG Maker XP...