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  1. TheJason

    Any new Free Forum Software

    Woltlab is paid. Anyway, you get free support, but the catch - is that faster support is $149.99 a year (Note: the core software is cheaper than other paid brands.).
  2. TheJason

    Best marketing strategies

    With Patreon, along with a decent social media following, you need a lot of material - to encourage sign-ups. Myself, for my drum lesson stuff - I have 25 members only posts - but I think 500 would be more enticing. Anyway, I have around 100 free posts.
  3. TheJason

    Free vs Paid Software

    The downside is the huge cost of buying and upgrades. Customization for free forum software would save that money.
  4. TheJason

    Best marketing strategies

    Yeah, I need to get around to making more visuals for my FB posts. That would increase engagement from a few likes to many more I think. However, I don't want them just "liking the beauty of the picture" - it should be a call to click on the link above.
  5. TheJason

    Free vs Paid Software

    Well, shockingly, paid isn't always what it's made out to be! I mean, take forum software, for instance. If someone is good at customization - then why should he/she pay a huge amount for XenForo, IPB etc.. and also the updates? Anyway, myself, I'm not good at forum customization - so I...
  6. TheJason

    Domain Hacks

    Sometimes you can combine a domain extension with some phrase - in order to create some witty meaning. For instance, a domain name like TheBasketball.Club sounds witty - just like TheBasketball.Net. Do you get it? O.K., who has tried to make some interesting domain hacks? Anyway, I'm...
  7. TheJason

    VIP Memberships?

    I have a Patreon page which works like a VIP thing. In other words, drummers wanting advanced lessons can sign up as "patrons" and get what they want. Anyway, this whole thing simply hasn't had enough time/cash for development - so no takers. Well, I do have a lot of free content, but there...
  8. TheJason

    Best way to generate revenue?

    It depends on your unique situation and preferences. Myself, I run a webmaster forum - and assuming it ever gets big, I want to get cash via classified ads. Basically, the huge traffic would attract ad buyers - who would pay to bump their threads, like what is done on DigitalPoint.com...
  9. TheJason

    Best marketing strategies

    No doubt, "The money is in the list.". In other words, a list of email and/or social media leads (Facebook pages/groups. Instagram pages, Twitter etc..) is the solution - and, on top of that, you need to constantly pitch to the list and butter them up (give them free stuff, make posts to get on...
  10. TheJason

    Paying for SEO

    Well, I'm glad the OP has things working out for him, but, myself, I'd be highly cynical about "paying for SEO" - even though, that's the only way to do it now. I mean, in the past, you could target certain phrases for free - and even make a little money. Anyhow, what super-geniuses do they...
  11. TheJason

    Investing in domains & Websites?

    I'm a bit cynical about it now. I mean, I did have a tool to judge the best domains for selling - but even with this: it's a nearly impossible market. Anyway, as with other businesses - I'd say the solution is developing a huge list of leads. However, though, I'd rather focus the lead-listing...
  12. TheJason

    Any new Free Forum Software

    Actually, there are quite a number of them - besides what you mentioned. However. the most popular ones I'd assume would have the best selection of add-ons and themes - so I'd figure that's why it could be better to go with them. Anyway, who has tried the smaller companies like FluxBB...
  13. TheJason

    Custom Addons or Pre-Made?

    It depends on whether the pre-made has the stuff I want. In the other case, I would want something custom. Well, an example would be a mod that made the text (on the forum) bigger for desktop/laptop, but a decent size for mobile. That's something not already made. Anyhow, I'm assuming the...
  14. TheJason

    Does forum software matter?

    It depends on how good you are at customization - or if you even want to bother with that. However, if you're simply comparing paid forum solutions - you might look at what comes with the most ready-made features. As I mentioned in some other forums, I encountered too much spam and bad...