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  1. Indsh

    Ai fir party in ABS

    H0w would you make something like "Tales of" or "Kingdom Hearts"
  2. Indsh

    An Intro.

    This is true, I think it is possible but generally make your self-familiar with variables and switches before you do anything. Always happy to help though. V
  3. Indsh

    Newbie at RPGMaker

    Hello, I look forward to playing your game when you make it :) What style are you going for? V
  4. Indsh

    Hello there

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Indsh

    An Intro.

    If I understand correctly I think it is possible...you got me thinking lol I want to figure it out So you have a common event with an "if "variableA" = 1 then add 1" then after "If "variableA" = 2 turn on "random map switch"" then "if "random map switch" on set "variableB" to random between...
  6. Indsh

    An Intro.

    Have you got anything we can text :D It's the only way! give them some stuff there used to and hopefully edge them towards your way of thinking so it's actually possible to figure out the later stages. That's what I'm going for anyway
  7. Indsh

    An Intro.

    Hey @T.P your project sounds interesting, what sort of puzzles are you making? aside from mechanics thats where I am in my game and its a fine line between impossible and cliche im finding.
  8. Indsh


    Hey @Juneberry you say it IN-DISH lol when it come to my spelling it's the plumbers toilet effect, my mum is a teacher and poet who loves the English language and I am dyslexic...but it gives me many other advantages so it's all good. I live for the spell checkers, I woke up to this plugin...
  9. Indsh

    Help with incorporating a zoom function

    Do you still need help with this? $gameScreen.setZoom(x, y, scale);
  10. Indsh

    New here but not to rpg maker

    Hey @solwern that's just like me, for ages I swore by 2003 just because everything else seemed too daunting, and then when I heard MV was going to be cross platform I tried my hardest to catch up with ACE at the time...Its never been more free and creative, good time for your grand return!!!
  11. Indsh

    Hopefully here for the long haul. :D

    Hello @rpgnoctisxv it's really nice to see your work! I love the scale of your Dreams, my suggestion would be to create super micro projects just to figure out mechanics. By working along side both frame works you can develop both types of skills and then ultimately you may find yourself in the...
  12. Indsh


    Hello YS :)
  13. Indsh


    I like it to....whats you favorite game someone else made?
  14. Indsh

    Hello, it's me :v

    Hello @LordS3B great to see you here and look forward to seeing some of your maps!
  15. Indsh

    New member!

    Hello fellow lone ranger! would love to see some writing when you're ready. Peace
  16. Indsh


    @M @MinisterJay you have yourself a deal, I do not plan on taken to long before I release my project so you shall be hearing from me sooner rather than later!
  17. Indsh


    The reality is the engine has not been out for all that long, and let's be fair, procrastinating on your own game is all the entertainment you really need. But I am going to check out that game though, do you know if the maker uses this forum also?
  18. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Hey guys so I quite far into making the system but the videos go right from scratch, I don't want to make to many excuses because I want all feedback possible not matter how obvious or how "I was planning on doing that anyway" So please...go all the way in Projectiles and Transformations...
  19. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Nice Nice 1, lets make the swift *tip toes away
  20. Indsh


    I a I appreciate the vote of confidence, hopefully grammarly gives the impression you are correct! Ok so first question is what's your favorite game made with MV so far? Sounds basic but I haven't seen anything get loads of fanfare on any forum or channel. If you haven't got a fav just give...