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  1. Indsh

    Ai fir party in ABS

    H0w would you make something like "Tales of" or "Kingdom Hearts"
  2. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Hey guys so I quite far into making the system but the videos go right from scratch, I don't want to make to many excuses because I want all feedback possible not matter how obvious or how "I was planning on doing that anyway" So please...go all the way in Projectiles and Transformations...
  3. Indsh

    Making my Action Battle System for MV

    Got some more videos uploading but this is what I have so far! All feedback welcome
  4. Indsh


    Heya, Im from Bristol UK and have been using since RM2K I make films music comics and anime and was waiting for RM to get up to spend with phones and Mac so MV brought me right back on board. My mission is to make RM a respectable platform for game storytelling as its so clear it the best for...