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  1. curryisnice

    She Dreams Elsewhere - A surreal adventure JRPG

    Wow this looks like an amazing project! Congratulations - I'll be keeping an eye out for it!
  2. curryisnice

    Music Composer

    Hey guys! So I've worked on a few games here and there and write music in my own time - thought I'd put some stuff out there to show you - I write in multiple genres for various types of things so feel free to message me with anything you've got! Some tracks made for the game 'Dreameerie'...
  3. curryisnice

    Input on this music?

    This is a nice little riff :) I would say it reminds me of an adventure theme or something you might hear when you are about to embark on a journey. To make it "better" I would make it have a more well rounded finish as it seems to end quite abruptly, you could even add some more instruments...
  4. curryisnice

    Could use some criticism on a soundtrack

    hmm regarding the second one; maybe you should replace that opening synth with a piano played in octaves - I feel like the melody line you've gone with is quite emotional and the piano is a great instrument for invoking feelings in the listener. I also believe that the overall mix is a bit too...
  5. curryisnice

    Music Bundle!!

    ahh thank you so much :) and it's not a problem haha I'm glad you like them!
  6. curryisnice

    Ok FINALLY the bundle is all sorted :) 15 Tracks for £10!! check out the preview in the...

    Ok FINALLY the bundle is all sorted :) 15 Tracks for £10!! check out the preview in the Resources section and see what you think!
  7. curryisnice

    Music Bundle!!

    curryisnice submitted a new resource: Music Bundle!! - 15 original BGM tracks Read more about this resource...
  8. curryisnice

    MV 1.3 Music Bundle!! 1.0

    15 Original Tracks for you to use in your MV games! All files are in .ogg format Contains: 2x Opening Themes 3x Cave Themes 3x Battle Themes 3x Village Themes 1x City Theme 1x Shop Theme 1x Post Victory Theme 1x Game Over Theme Of course these are just the labels I've put on them but I...
  9. curryisnice

    Music Bundle [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  10. curryisnice

    Music Bundle [Deleted]

    hmmm I did put a link the description - is it not showing up for people? It's showing up for me when I look at the resource
  11. curryisnice

    Music Bundle [Deleted]

    curryisnice submitted a new resource: Music Bundle - A pack of 15 Game Tracks Read more about this resource...
  12. curryisnice

    Currently in the process of writing a music pack for purchase from the resources section :) keep...

    Currently in the process of writing a music pack for purchase from the resources section :) keep an eye out!
  13. curryisnice

    Need opinions/critiques

    It's by no means childish - This software allows you to create awesome chiptune music so there is nothing bad about it! Thanks for showing it to me I never knew it existed until now haha
  14. curryisnice

    Danger Loop

    curryisnice submitted a new resource: Danger Loop - BGM Loop for a dangerous moment Read more about this resource...
  15. curryisnice

    MV 1.3 Danger Loop 1.0

    Just a little something I made mainly to see how to upload resources and just cos well why not? :P Hopefully this would work in a scene where a character(s) faces impending DOOOOOM (like escaping from a volcano or summit idk) File is in .ogg format and should loop properly Also no need to...
  16. curryisnice

    Need opinions/critiques

    These are awesome loops! Lovin' the groovy feel you've got going I'm just sitting here bopping my head to all of them haha Can I ask what Software and VST's you're using? Great work keep it up!! :)
  17. curryisnice

    Music I want to collect your ideas

    I really like that driving idea in the strings and overall it's very nice composition which I can easily imagine being used in a battle scenario. One thing I noticed is that you take away the percussion for a while when you begin to add a melody line through various instruments. I feel you...
  18. curryisnice

    Game Music

    I personally use Logic Pro X to make my music, however I have also used free software like FamiTracker which is pretty cool for 8-bit stuff
  19. curryisnice

    Musician (free for small projects)

    That's cool :) Sorry this next post is going to be quite long To be completely honest I did the 15 tracks for free because it was the first time I had attempted something like that before and didn't feel it was right to charge for something I was kind of stepping into the unknown for - but now...
  20. curryisnice

    Where'd you hear about us?

    I actually followed a link left by @TheUnproPro in one of his videos :)