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  1. ragneBro

    ragneBro for Moderator

    Brothers and Sisters! I have a dream! That this forum will grow to become the largest RM community on the internet! Not only the largest, but the best! Not only the largest and the best, but the friendliest. We choose to be the largest, best and friendliest. We choose to be the largest, best...
  2. ragneBro

    Star Lars

    I have a Star Wars-inspired idea that I'm working on with Quisira2012 (if you couldn't tell by the name) ;p. This is the story about Lars. Lars is a "Jedda". A "Jedda" is a person who strongly belives he/she is a Jedi. He dresses like one, talks like one and even carrying a lightsaber. For an...
  3. ragneBro

    ragneBro's AMA

    I follow the leader. Ask me anything! ^^
  4. ragneBro

    Add me on Steam

    I don't know how many people use steam here on the forum, but feel free to add me. Or just post your nickname for others to add. Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RMMVCO Forum nicknames on Steam: Amysaurus Bizarre Monkey DarcHiro David Foxfire dcsant LTNGames Maebius MinisterJay...
  5. ragneBro

    Hello fellow rpg makers!

    Hi everyone! Looking forward to share experiences with you all. Perhaps some of us will work together on a game project some day. ^___^ ragneBro