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  1. iblamevictoria

    Little Balloons

    iblamevictoria submitted a new resource: Little Balloons - A short game about losing control. Read more about this resource...
  2. iblamevictoria

    iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 2

    iblamevictoria submitted a new resource: iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 2 - Free unique music, for commercial and non-commercial games. Read more about this resource...
  3. iblamevictoria

    iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 1

    iblamevictoria submitted a new resource: iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 1 - Free unique music, commercial and non-commercial. Read more about this resource...
  4. iblamevictoria

    Space Age

    iblamevictoria submitted a new resource: Space Age - DEMO - A Pre-Apocalyptic RPG Read more about this resource...
  5. iblamevictoria

    Making Masks through Common Events

    I'm having some trouble with some eventing I've been working on. Basically I have a mask as an item. Right now when the player gets their mask, they also get an item just called "[TAKE MASK OFF]" with it. The mask, when used, changes the character sprite and switches on a switch that I use later...
  6. iblamevictoria

    My Non-Game Artwork

    Here's some of my older stuff that I've done. I've been doing art casually since forever, and would like to share. It's VERY different in tone from the art I do from my game, which is why I find either one so interesting and uniquely challenging. Cyborg Sketch: Buddy from LISA...
  7. iblamevictoria

    Eventing a more unique block-pushing puzzle

    I've been thinking of variations on the classic block-pushing puzzle that I could use. I thought an interesting twist would be that if the player pushed one block that pushed against another, then both blocks would be pushed together. It could open up a lot more interesting solutions to puzzles...
  8. iblamevictoria

    Some transformative battle plugins?

    Not sure if this is exactly where I should post this, but I'd like to see what other people have to say about it. I've been working on my game and have started to work on the deeper mechanics of the battles. I'm pretty good as far a designing enemies and balancing goes, but there isn't any...
  9. iblamevictoria

    Input Combo Skills

    I distinctly remember a Yanfly Plugin back in VX that allowed the player to have a character input moves via the keyboard for their attacks. Here's a link: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/input-combo-skills/ Is there any MV equivalent? I know Yanfly hasn't made one...
  10. iblamevictoria

    Are Random Encounters Good For Games

    I have a sort of personal vendetta against random encounters in games. I think it's unfortunate that many RPG's (especially JRPGs) use them as a primary source of enemy encounters. To me they are tedious and get in the way of benign, but potentially fun tasks in games. I personally prefer...
  11. iblamevictoria

    Quick question about posting

    So I've made a post about my game project. It's the usual sort of thing you'd see, format-wise, but I had a question about posting changes. I'd like to add a lot to the post but don't know what's the "proper" way to do that. Should I just edit the original post and risk people not seeing the...
  12. iblamevictoria

    Does My Computer Just Suck Or is It RPG Maker

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I do, for a fact, know that my computer is trash that belongs in the garbage. But yeah. Whenever I test my game I get a problem where the music or sound effects do not play on time. They are delayed and some of the shorter sound effects do not play at...
  13. iblamevictoria

    Music Feedback?

    Here's some songs I've been working on. The last one needs to be mixed a little better. What do you think? Are there any glaring flaws? I'd like to start implementing my stuff to my game. Thanks for any feedback
  14. iblamevictoria

    Space Age

    Oh hey. I'm making a game called Space Age. It's a game that I've been working a lot on, and though I have a long way to go until it's at a quality I would be happy with I'm still chugging along. Think of this as a prototype! I hope you like what I have to show. -Lore that...
  15. iblamevictoria

    How to sync SEs with Frames of Animation

    I have a animation I drew up of a guy hitting a locked door with a crowbar over and over. I'd like to add a sound effect onto the frame that the crowbar hits the door. What's the quickest way to do this? I poked around with all the event menus, but didn't really see anything that would help.
  16. iblamevictoria

    Cleaning Up the Equip Menu

    I'd like to replace the Shield option on the equip menu with a "charm" option. I've looked through the plugins I have installed and the regular RPG Maker MV database but can't find out have to do it. Is there some easy way I've been missing or am I going to have to fiddle around with Java?
  17. iblamevictoria

    Animation Tips?

    I have a section in my game where I want two characters to be fighting. What tips are there about this sort of thing? I'm pretty good at animating from an art perspective but I'm getting caught up with how I would technically achieve animation in RPG Maker MV that seems like it exits the frame...
  18. iblamevictoria

    Getting Items to Display Images.

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. I want to use an inventory item to display an image in my game. Are there any plugins that allow this? Or did I just miss something super obvious that's already built into the game? It would also be cool to know how to get an item to display text. I'm still...
  19. iblamevictoria

    Multi-Staged Battles

    So I'd like to use a boss fight in my game that requires that the boss slowly change it's sprite after losing health. (I'm wanting to have it change at 80% 60% 40% and 20% with a final change once it hits 0%, with a little bit of dialogue to end the fight on a narrative strong note.) Now I know...
  20. iblamevictoria

    Big Sprites

    I'd like to apply a big sprite to an event. Like bigger than 48x48 which is standard. Is there an easy way to do this? If not then is there an easy way to do something similar to it?