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    Heroes and Generals

    I play Heroes and Generals its a Military focused game does anyone else play it? You can find more info about their game here. What makes this game unique is the graphic game play as well as the vehicles offered in game and plus its multiplayer which I don't see in many games these days and plus...
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    Xyphien Discord Server?

    I just have a question does Xyphien have a Discord server channel or if not coming soon as I can see the footer of this site has a link to Discord
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    New Theme

    Will there be a new theme for this forum in the future or under development?
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    Music on Profile

    So I know a few forums out there have music on Profiles enabled. This could be cool feature to have on Xyphien to have a music plugin/addon to be installed and played on users profiles.
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    Staff Banning/warning users for no reasons?

    Have you every been on a Forum where you have been warned or banned for doing nothing. Well Yes I have actually and I am sure many users have there are a few forums out there that ban and warns users for no reasons. I had an experience where I just said why that staff member of my forum then...
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    Have a a Dedicated Shop page

    I was thinking why not have a dedicated shop page in the navigation tab near the credits or resources tab instead of a shop page as Forum? as it could be easier to buy stuff from it? Also for the Game options could we choose which game we want to buy with our XY$ credits.
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    Any new Free Forum Software

    So I have been searching for some new Free Forum Software I couldn't find any on Google lol. Do any of you guys know any Free Forum Software?
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    Hello everyone I found out about this site on FP and decided to join.