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  1. SonarCero

    Battlers (semi supernatural)

    SonarCero submitted a new resource: Battlers (semi supernatural) - A quick little soundtrack for battle scenes Read more about this resource...
  2. SonarCero

    Custom menu cursor idea

    I'm not a stranger to the idea of writing in java script though this would be a new thing for me. I would like to have a list of choices then have a character sprite walking next to it serving as replacement for the default flashing or arrows. Is this possible with combinations of the default...
  3. SonarCero

    We demand... a Shrubbery!

    CeroZero submitted a new resource: We demand... a Shrubbery! - Trees and Shrubbery Read more about this resource...
  4. SonarCero

    Parallel event broken?

    Hey, I'm having issues with an event I have set up for a merchant to start pacing back and forth on a custom path, though he's just standing in place, what can I do to fix this? Also a friend using Mv is having trouble with an npc not going along a path she had set up. Any ideas? EDIT: Issue...
  5. SonarCero

    Audio Event Scripting [questions and such]

    Hey folks, I don't know if this is possible or not, though going based off of one of the videos made by SumRndmDde, would it be possible to change this script to fit for audio? This is the original script. var tint = $gamePlayer.y * ((255 - 68) /57); $gameScreen.startTint([tint, tint, tint, 0]...
  6. SonarCero

    I need help for picture events.

    As the title suggests, I need a hand with a few picture events. I don't know if this is possible or if anyone else has tried it before, though what I need to have happen is have two more picture events fade into the screen. I have the first one set up with the standard Fadeout Screen Picture...
  7. SonarCero

    AMA! This looks fun.

    Sorry for not being as active, I want to get active again so maybe this can help.
  8. SonarCero

    Layering enemies/Enemy summon call script

    Hey people, I need a hand with something. So in the current part of Project A I am working on one of the main bosses. I have a magician though I'm trying to make him have floating hands. The floating part works just fine, though when they're on the map, they go behind the sleeves for the...
  9. SonarCero

    Curiosity Salted the Snail

    "Inquisitive as to if others here are caffeine or café au lait? Cero appears to be inclined to consume caffeinated substance such as coffee, or energy shots."
  10. SonarCero

    Decisions decisions

    So there are some undying questions that come along with making games and whatnot, though I have a question, and that is, how do you decide on whether to use sideview battlers or not? And what are the reasons that divide the sea of pros and cons for you? I'm falling into a pit with the...
  11. SonarCero

    Skill animation malfunction?

    So I don't really know how to describe this other than in video. For some reason when I make a new skill and leave almost all the defaults alone, they play an animation when they're not supposed to. Here's what I mean. If anyone out there knows what's going on with this or if it's just a simple...
  12. SonarCero

    Fantasy Clouds

    CeroZero submitted a new resource: Fantasy Clouds - Free to use title screen 1 Read more about this resource...
  13. SonarCero

    Equipment issues

    I have a recorded demo of the first part of the game. And for some reason or another I cannot equip weapons to the weapon slots, I don't know if I did something wrong with the character equipment traits or what, though here's a demo of what's going on. And here's a screenshot of the character...
  14. SonarCero

    Need opinions/critiques

    So I've been working on some music for one of my games and I would like an opinion on what you guys think. I primarily work with Chiptune and 8bit styles with hints of dubstep from time to time. Let me know what you guys think. Project A- Area1 Loopz Fruity Loopz Battle Loopz
  15. SonarCero

    Colapsed Train Tunnel

    CeroZero submitted a new resource: Colapsed Train Tunnel - Free to use title screen Read more about this resource...
  16. SonarCero

    Funky custom tile glitch

    Hey people, I just wanted to throw this out in the open to see if anyone knows how to solve this issue. This is one of the custom resource packs I've had and been tinkering around with but for the life of me, I can't figure out if it's just a bad resource pack, if it's in the wrong...
  17. SonarCero

    Another New Member

    Hi out there, I am CeroZero, I am new around here and I'm looking forward to seeing what others know about the game creator. I'm still pretty new to the program itself, though I'm working on getting to know it better every day.