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  1. Sonicboy95

    Need help! some sort of type error?

    I have been working in MV for a little bit now and just recently got this error every time I click playtest. TypeError Cannot read property 'ToLowerCase' of undefined I have no idea what this...
  2. Sonicboy95

    Your favorite video game themes

    After posting some stuff on the fav music thread I decide to make this one. Every body has a favorite theme from games. A character theme, a main theme, or a theme of a random npc whose name you don't care about but they have an awesome theme. To start us off here are a couple themes from one of...
  3. Sonicboy95

    Reaper a changing world

    Reaper is my first rpg maker game. Any feedback is helpful Demo is on gamejolt.com Edit: The game is complete and ready to play on gamejolt.
  4. Sonicboy95

    Boss graphic for vx ace

    Sonicboy95 submitted a new resource: Boss graphic for vx ace - Hopefully someone can put this to good use Read more about this resource...
  5. Sonicboy95

    Thesonicboy95 speeds in

    Hey people, I'm new here. Anyone have any ideas for rpg maker mv they care to share?