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  1. Alice Bunny

    Looking For A Beehive tileset for MV?

    Hello, I'm back again, this time with a resource request! I recently looked up a beehive tileset for my game, since I plan on making a dungeon in my game that's literally a giant, honey-filled nest. For the record, I had a Donkey Kong Country-type of image in my head. Also, I found a possible...
  2. Alice Bunny

    Custom Loading Screens?

    Hey everybody, I'm just here for some more help regarding my project! I'm interested in using my own loading screens in place off the default MV Loading screens. I downloaded CompanionWulf's "Random Loading..." plugin to help, since I want the game to randomly cycle 10 images that I made for...
  3. Alice Bunny

    Boss Rush-themed gameplay?

    I don't have screenshots or a game ready for download, so I think I'll just post my idea in here. Boss Rush-themed game. Hello everyone. I'm kind of new around here, so forgive me for any bad questions, but I need your help deciding something. I realized that there are some video games out...
  4. Alice Bunny

    New character sheets for vehicles?

    Hello, everybody! I'll make this quick and short--I am looking for a modern vehicle set that replaces the default vehicle set in the game. Every search result turns up a tileset and not a character set. I just want to do a modern inspired story with modern vehicles.
  5. Alice Bunny

    Everything corrupted...

    Most of the JSON files in my current project corrputed and say NULL in the code. What happened...? Everything I've been working so hard on is gone...is there anything I can even do now?
  6. Alice Bunny

    Title Backs? Where can I find some and how to make it work?

    Hey, everybody! I'm back with a new, pretty basic request: Title backgrounds. I want to upload my own unique wallpaper for the title screen, but I can't seem to find a good place that keeps them. I'm also not sure what file types MV accepts for this sort of thing. The pics I uploaded to be used...
  7. Alice Bunny

    Futuristic/Cyberpunk Tilesets?

    Heyo! I'm planning on building a cyberpunk-style game from the ground up in MV, but the current sci-fi tilesets don't achieve the effect I want. I was hoping to find tilesets in the style of grungy dystopian, "everything is chrome in the future" colored objects, more types of vehicles, etc. Yes...
  8. Alice Bunny

    Can't get Yanfly's Core Engine to work right.

    Hello, I just downloaded the Core Engine from Yanfly into MV and messed around with some of the perimeters to get them to change. However, nothing seems to change. For example, I changed the Max Level to be 100, that did nothing. I went and tried a note tag for the effect in an Actor's notes and...
  9. Alice Bunny

    Hello, everybody!

    My name is A.Bunny, (which is just my net alias), I'm a noob to RPGmaker MV and experienced with RPGmaker VX Ace, and I'm a fan of surreal humor, sci-fi, and computer science. I...don't really know what else to say here. 0-0