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  1. Stevushka

    The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG - DEMO -

    Stevushka submitted a new resource: The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG - DEMO - - The first playable (Tutorial) level of 'The Adventure of Todd: A School RPG' Read more about this resource...
  2. Stevushka

    Videos In RPG Maker?!?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering... is it possible to show a video in RPG Maker MV, similar to how you can bring up an image? I was thinking about opening up a video in a certain scene like a cut-scene, and I really want to try and do this. Does anyone know if this is possible?!?
  3. Stevushka

    Mission log / Protagonists journal?!?

    Hey everyone. As I get closer and closer to the point where I will have everything I need to start making my game in RPG Maker, The more I need to start thinking about how to implement the features that I want. One of the features I want to add is a Players journal that updates from new...
  4. Stevushka

    Side Mission Ideas?!?

    Hey all, as I'm working on my game, The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG, I've hit a wall! The problem is, I can't think of any more side missions! (I only have 2-3 atm) For those of you that don't know, TAT:ASRPG is the story of a boy named Todd, as he goes through childhood and adolescence...
  5. Stevushka

    Steven's AMA!

    Well, as the name implies, ask me anything! (plans for the future, progress/status of my current project(s), things I've done/made in the past, not-too-personal details, etc!)
  6. Stevushka

    'TAT: The Life RPG' Series?

    Hey Everyone, I'm still in the early stages of development for my game, 'The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG', but recently I've been thinking of the future of the game, and what I would work on next, after I finish TAT:ASRPG. Just the other day, I first thought of making DLCs for TAT:ASRPG...
  7. Stevushka


    Hey all you tileset creators, I was starting to create the tilesets for my game, when I decided a template would be helpful! So, I've created one that works for both "Inside_A4" and "Outside_A4", in three different resolutions; 768x720 (what RPG Maker MV uses), 384x360, and 192x180 (both are...
  8. Stevushka

    RPG Maker Game: 'Suits: A Business RPG'

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the time to share a great game with you all, and one of the first, main inspirations for my game: Suits: A Business RPG This great game was developed by Technomancy Studios, a team composed of recent graduates from my high school. (Gotta support my "Sister...
  9. Stevushka

    Artist + Voice Actors Needed! (Volunteers!)

    Hey everyone, long story short, I decided to remove voice acting, and I no longer require help with the art... As a part of my school's club, FBLA, and my Senior-year Game Design Class, I now have 6 other people helping me, 3 are artists. One for face portraits, another for top-down sprites...
  10. Stevushka

    The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG (TAT:ASRPG)

    I'm currently working on a game called 'The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG'. What started as a simple, crappy idea back in August of 2016, has evolved into so much more, and became my passion. I've been working on the plot and making some soundtracks up until now, but the actual development...
  11. Stevushka

    Generator Parts Needed! - Modern Clothing

    I'm making a modern RPG set in school, but I really need just some simple generator parts, like different colored t-shirts, a backpack accessory, and jeans. maybe dresses and suits. I'm a really terrible artist, otherwise I would do it myself. At the very least, if anyone could make a t-shirt...
  12. Stevushka

    I'm New!

    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker, I just bought RPG Maker MV recently and first used it for a school project. I'm better as a designer and a programmer than I am as an artist or composer, but I try my best. As I'm trying to learn the program in it's entirety, I hope to make great games and other content...