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  1. Selvalanch

    Variable for player inventory.

    I want to save the player inventory in variable. the goal is to make a system when player failed the quest map or decide to retire. player inventory will reset back to where before they start a quest and lost all item they gather in a map. keep only exps and levels. Is it possible to do this?
  2. Selvalanch

    Tint background only

    Is there a way to left character or event not tint when i use tint screen command?
  3. Selvalanch

    Party Passive Skill

    I have thought about game player can freely change every party members and want to have a passive skill that affect a whole party regardless any actors in the party. For example : a skill that boost every party members HP by 500 , increase item drop rate , decrease elements damage , etc I think...
  4. Selvalanch

    Good day, sir.

    Hello everyone, I'm selvalanch. I've used RM2k3 and RMXP before move to MV. No experience in scripting. can do some arts. ... Oh no ... I don't know what i should write anymore so the introduction end here. Sorry for bad grammar.