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  1. Major Minty

    Shadowstar - Shout of Justice

    I don't have any screenshots of this game as this is just the start of development. I've already done plenty of editing, don't worry. The custom elements are already programmed in! Anyway, this is an MLP fan game based on "Cupcakes" by Sergeant Sprinkles and the sequels by Raritybelle. This is...
  2. Major Minty

    Hello world, it's Minty!

    Hi, I'm Minty! Well, that's what they call me. I'm a YouTube video creator, but I recently got into game developing. So now, besides binge playing FNAF and Bendy and the Ink Machine after midnight, I'm developing my own games with RPG Maker MV! A little about me. I like it scary or challenging...