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  1. LoreMaster

    Room Arrangement Question

    Hello! I've been getting back into crafting my adventure/puzzle game, "The House on Oddity Hill," after resolving some personal and technical issues I was facing, and I'm looking for input concerning the connectivity of my maps. The game is set mainly in a large manor house, Oldenbone Manor, and...
  2. LoreMaster

    The House on Oddity Hill

    Hello, all! I've been working on getting this game planned out for months now, and I have a pretty clear image of how everything will work now, excepting a few of the more complicated elements, and I wanted to get an idea of whether there is interest in this before I commit fully to development...
  3. LoreMaster

    Completed Where is this resource?

    I remember downloading an animation a while back, but now I can't seem to find it. It was a bust on a pedestal that opens to reveal a button. Anyone know where I can get it?
  4. LoreMaster

    Merlin and Morgan Sprites

    Hello! Would anybody care to whip up sprites of legendary Sorcerers Merlin and Morgan La Fay? Here is art of the kinds of styles I'm leaning towards right now, but feel free to suggest something new. Also, Morgan needs to have some kind of wings for this, as she is being represented as a literal...
  5. LoreMaster

    Fairy-Tale Resources

    Hello! I am in need of tilesets and sprites for a fairy-tale parody in which the player assumes the role of a villain attempting to conquer a whimsical world whose nations are based on Europen folkore, as well as the regions of Underland (Wonderland) and Oz. I am early on with this and if...
  6. LoreMaster

    Advice/Opinions on my First Sprite

    Hello everyone! I tried my hand at spriting for the first time the other day, and, while I have some issues with it, I was hoping for some outside opinions. Any feedback is appreciated. (Just don't be TOO harsh please; it is, after all, just a first try.) It's a medieval peasant woman, complete...
  7. LoreMaster

    A Question on Resource Use

    Hey there folks! I've spent quite a bit of time on my first game recently. It's not something I plan on publishing at any point, but more for the experience with the program than anything else. Anyway, I've used of custom resources, all permitted for use, of course, in their original post by...
  8. LoreMaster

    Thoughts/Critiques for my First City

    I'm somewhat happy with how my first large city map turned out, but I could use some fresh eyes and opinions, particularly on a few things... This is Lower Drumwell, the less affluent of two regions in the overall city. I intentionally made most buildings small and compact as I was going for a...
  9. LoreMaster

    Hail, friends!

    Greetings! May name is LoreMaster; or, on some sites, Worldbuilder88. I'm fairly new to the program (a few months in) but am enjoying it's flexibility. I've recently begun my first serious game and I can't wait to get feedback from the community here!
  10. LoreMaster

    Some Specific Castle Decor

    I could really use a blue-gold-purple themed tileset of medieval banners, flags, suits of armor, coats of arms, etc... My first serious game is set in a fictional kingdom whose colors are as such, and I would love some tiles to prove my npc's allegiances! Other symbols could include a...