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  1. Demonboy75

    What's your favorite RPG?

    When you say "fanservice," I usually associate that term with game devs using sex appeal to garner the teen crowd. Would I be correct in assuming this? If so, I agree, this kind of thing in games needs to die off. Being a current member of the aforementioned "teen crowd," I can say confidently...
  2. Demonboy75

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    My method for motivation is to work for at least an hour or more each and every day (it is 3 or more when I'm out of school for the weekend or for school-scheduled breaks), as I want to make sure that I get work done on my game while still not driving myself insane. Being an honors student is a...
  3. Demonboy75

    Space Age

    I would suggest doing a Kickstarter for it. I don't know too much about the process of releasing games--I have yet to complete a full game myself, but I'm working on it--but I think that if you put enough quality work out there people will want to pay you so you can do more of it. From what I...
  4. Demonboy75

    Space Age

    This looks pretty cool. Your compositions remind me of LISA (as a commenter before me already stated), and this unique art style is simplistic yet charming. Keep up the good work; I hope to play this whenever it will be available. Out of curiosity, are you planning to publish this game to Steam...
  5. Demonboy75

    Battle Background

    I'm currently working on a game with Earthbound-like graphics (if you don't know what Earthbound is, you should play it sometime; it's excellent and it's available on the Nintendo eShop for only ten dollars). I just finished the first battle background, and I want some input on it. What do you...
  6. Demonboy75

    Earthbound Battle Backgrounds?

    It's good to hear that someone is working on it, at least. Thank you for your contribution to RM, thank you for informing me about why exactly it would be difficult to program this particular kind of plugin, and I thank you personally for doing something that would help me further my ability to...
  7. Demonboy75

    What's your favorite RPG?

    D&D has always sounded interesting to me, as it was basically RPGs before RPGs existed in their current form. I haven't gotten around to playing it myself (I don't even know where to buy the stuff for it, and I know very few people in my area who are into gaming), but I was recently reminded of...
  8. Demonboy75

    Earthbound Battle Backgrounds?

    I thought the backgrounds for battles in Earthbound were psychedelic, but at the same time they were fitting of such a quirky RPG. I have been working on creating better pixel art, and have found that my particular style matches up with Earthbound's style to an extent. Thus, I would like to ask...
  9. Demonboy75

    Favorite games to play during October (Halloween)?

    That's a good game to play during Halloween, for sure. I haven't played it for myself, but I've heard it's quite frightening. Also, I thought the exact opposite as you before I read this comment. I just assumed everyone played certain games at certain times of the year to celebrate the...
  10. Demonboy75

    Favorite games to play during October (Halloween)?

    Being that it's October, the spookiest month of the year, I figured creating a little discussion about games appropriate to play during said month would be timely and intriguing. So, out of curiosity, what is it that all of you like to play in October to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Maybe...
  11. Demonboy75

    I'm not dead, I swear! I've just been working mainly on that title I mentioned using base &...

    I'm not dead, I swear! I've just been working mainly on that title I mentioned using base & free-to-use RMMV assets. More info soon.
  12. Demonboy75

    Hi Yall

    Welcome to the RPG Maker MV Forums. The staff (and people in general) here are lovely and the multitude of discussion topics and constructive critics you'll find on here are all interesting and useful in the pursuit of game development. I'm glad to see yet another person who likes to make video...
  13. Demonboy75

    What's your favorite RPG?

    I still have yet to purchase Fates, and I apologize. Why? Majora's Mask 3D, that's why. I've never played it, so it was just too irresistible. I will make sure to make Fates my next purchase when I can get the cash, and I'll talk about some of my experiences with it on this thread. Can't say...
  14. Demonboy75


    I actually figured out what was wrong. I set the actor count to 2000 because I wanted extra space for any more actors I would create, and I did the same with the party list. No duh the game will lag if it has to remember 2000 actors (only 4 of which I was actually using)! I just lowered that...
  15. Demonboy75


    So, I'm creating a game using MV with either free-to-use, default, or Character Generator assets. Up until just recently, the game has been working fine, but now whenever I playtest it, saving and loading a profile lags the game for about two to five seconds. It's minor, but I'd like to get rid...
  16. Demonboy75

    Disable Items During Battle?

    Thank you very much! This definitely helps for my purposes. I appreciate the speedy and efficient response. It had links and everything, which was really nice of you (heart)
  17. Demonboy75

    Disable Items During Battle?

    I'm currently working on two games: The Factory, a game made on VXAce that will use my own custom graphics and sound design, and a project on MV that I don't want to reveal just yet. For the project in MV, the player will fight an enemy in a dream. I thought to myself while making this battle...
  18. Demonboy75

    Also, creating both an RPG for MV with default/DLC assets while I work on The Factory for VXA...

    Also, creating both an RPG for MV with default/DLC assets while I work on The Factory for VXA. Gonna do two projects at once.
  19. Demonboy75

    Gushing over the remakes of old RM2k3 songs for MV. Cybercity is my favorite, just listen to...

    Gushing over the remakes of old RM2k3 songs for MV. Cybercity is my favorite, just listen to those epic trumpets!
  20. Demonboy75

    Introduce myself? Sure. Why not?

    I apologize for a small bit of misinformation. Rytmik Lite Chiptune Synthesizer and Rytmik Ultimate create .wav sound files, so they actually don't work with MV. They will work with VX Ace, and 2003, and they may work in some other versions, as well. The only ones I've used are 2003, VX Ace, and...