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  1. Pixie_Virus

    Okay, Okay. Hear me out...Scoot Scoot Box

    Just an idea for a funny game. A huge map, a few simple tasks, and a little box that gets faster as you complete each task. If it touches you...You Dead. Actually got the idea while I was polishing a demo for a playtester. Just wanted to ask for some opinions.
  2. Pixie_Virus

    What do I put in my download instructions?

    If I am downloading a game for and rpg maker on windows, I know that they need an rpg maker emulator? to run the game, but I'm not sure where to tell them to download it from or how to install. I've never been one to pay attention to stuff like that. An answer, or template that I can just take...
  3. Pixie_Virus

    HGCC Submission: Alva

    Pixie_Virus submitted a new resource: HGCC Submission: Alva - An interactive memory. Read more about this resource...
  4. Pixie_Virus

    Do we know if they plan on expanding the Character generator?

    The generator is a fantastic tool, and as someone who currently does not have any way to add my personally drawn characters (not that I could perfectly match the MV style anyway), far more choices would be fantastic. I definitly wish all the faces went across male and female, and actual ability...
  5. Pixie_Virus

    Is is illegal for e to make a board game called Small Caves and Hatchlings?

    But is it? I have nieces who want to get into D&D, but they aren't old enough to completely grasp how much time, effort, and late nights even one campaign takes. Much less how to build a character, what the stats mean, and how leveling works. I'm still a novice DM myself. I've made a couple...
  6. Pixie_Virus

    I can't wrap my head around deployment

    For some reason, no matter how much stuff I watch/read, I can not grasp how to deploy. Or really how it works. Once deployed how does it get from A to B? Does it just become a dragon drop folder? or url? like? How? (This seems like a silly question.)
  7. Pixie_Virus

    Species Creation!

    I've created and have been developing a couple of new species. I'd like to put them out there, and see what people think of them. For right now I want to keep them for myself, but I plan on working out their histories, and fleshing out a couple of good characters before I release them for free...
  8. Pixie_Virus

    My Soul to Keep

    Overview As my first game, I am trying to keep this one relatively simple and cliche(because that's what I do best). It features an easily progressing story, straightforward gameplay and battle system, and a myriad of enjoyable characters. Also, until I can manage to get my hands on a tablet and...
  9. Pixie_Virus

    Just looking for a bed set

    I just need the double bed set so my character can talk to her sick "laying down" grandpappy.
  10. Pixie_Virus

    My simple game

    So this first game is an elemental based fantasy thing. I'm just trying to get the hang of everything before I do a serious game. Some of the eventing is getting a little conffudled, but she'll be fine. I'm usually heavy on story, but I'm trying to relax it a bit for this. It should be light...
  11. Pixie_Virus

    Introduction to...well me.

    I'm going to be straight with you guys, I'm so new that I still don't understand shift-clicking fully.