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  1. Aisling Starr

    What do you think? (Garando - Prologue/Demo)

    Years ago, a small child was born in Okinawa, Japan, a special child that would, some day, rule the world. Her name was Oriona. This child was very aware of her surroundings, the reality of life, and so on, even at a young age. It didn't take her long to realize she was a stranger to those...
  2. Aisling Starr

    Advice? (Garando) (Prologue???)

    I decided to start off the scene where a certain someone is being born. This will be the prologue, and I want the prologue to introduce the controls, the surroundings, and so on. You'll be restricted to the house until the next chapter. I want tips on how to make a good prologue that includes...
  3. Aisling Starr

    I lost my game. Three times. Everything is gone. T_T

    I originally started Garando on RPGMMV, and had gotten most of the "sandbox" done, then...poof. Deleted. So maybe I took it as a sign and started on another approach for the demo I was making. Poof. That deleted itself. I know I had the files saved. Then, the third one didn't have much on it...
  4. Aisling Starr

    What??? (Cannot Open Project)

    Here's what happened: I use my steam on two different devices. One for gaming (my PC) and one for my creations on MV (Touchscreen laptop). Yesterday, I used my PC for gaming (skyrim, Yandere sim, etc) and then I opened up my laptop and opened up MV and...Poof. No project. Clean slate. (Yes, I...
  5. Aisling Starr

    Question about moving characters.

    How would you make your character stand up in a cutscene? Like, as if they've fell, and they're slowly getting up.
  6. Aisling Starr

    Tutorial Videos For Newcomers

    This guy makes RPGMMV tutorials. He's also helped me personally. If you're new, this is a great place to start. He also has plugins. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqXLDebVx9rNnoSpcnNH3Q/featured
  7. Aisling Starr

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but...(Resource question)

    Tried googling and looking for it on the website, but couldn't find it. How does one download and use resources? Also, let's say if I was going to use someone else's resources and I was planning on selling my game, would I need to pay them a certain percentage of what I earn, or does it...
  8. Aisling Starr

    Sorry. (Mini-vent(?)) (Garando/Youtube/Shop)

    I'm sure no one remembers me, so I'll just give a small introduction. Hello! My name is Aisling. Aisling Starr. I'm a game creator that uses RPGMMV, and is still learning how to use RPGMMV. I'm 18 (I know, age is wrong on profile ><), and I'm, what most would call, a "female", although I...
  9. Aisling Starr

    I'm just trying to form a fun group to play games with on GTA V for XBOX One.

    Anyone interested? I'm bored with playing alone.
  10. Aisling Starr

    Pretty much stumped. (Computer Help/Computer Parts.)

    My current AMD graphics card doesn't really function well. I'm not a computer expert and I don't know how to pick the best Graphics card for my A68HM-K motherboard. I'd like to know if there's a graphics card that's below 230 that I can buy that's up-to-date and I can use for video...
  11. Aisling Starr

    Garando (Recruitment) ((Let's Try This Again))

    Hello there! Finally, I've figured out how I wanted to recruit people for this project! I'm going to list everything I can for the recruitment of "Garando"! First, I'll be showing the characters (and their character sheets). Eilizio Age: 25. Gender: Male. Race: Human...
  12. Aisling Starr

    Curious. How much would it normally cost?

    I'm curious to know, how much would it normally cost to hire someone who creates Sprites,furniture, and pictures for certain cutscenes. Also curious for people who create music. Is it per creation? How much do /you/ charge?
  13. Aisling Starr

    My Frustration.

    Hello there. I just want to share with you a bit of my Frustration when it came to me and trying to recruit other people for Garando (no, this isn't me trying to get people to help me, not in this forum post anyway, I'm just explaining why it's frustrating). Here's a conversation that me and...
  14. Aisling Starr

    Script in this video not working?

    In this youtube video, I tried to implement this into my game, but I think I did something wrong. Here is the script for the game (Screenshots): First (Left) First (Right) Second Third Fourth What am I doing wrong? What should I change, if anything at all (to make it work)?
  15. Aisling Starr

    How to make the game progress bar I'm seeing at the bottom of people's profiles?

    I'm curious, I've been seeing game progress bars. I would like to know how to make one or where to get one from?
  16. Aisling Starr

    Worse question to ask, but...

    Best place for beginners to learn how to script fast?
  17. Aisling Starr

    I have a lot of questions...

    So, I'm going to be starting on making my game soon and I have a few questions? First one is, is there a way to make certain things not change, even if you go back to the last save point? Here's the scenario: Timmy comes across a character named Tamitha. In the game, you have the option to...
  18. Aisling Starr


    I'm kinda just here. Came here to the forums because I'll be working on a game called "Garandō" once I get the funds for a better pc and RPG Maker MV. (https://www.booster.com/saving-for-my-career If you'd like to check out the fundraising for it.) So, uh...Yeah. If you have any questions, let...