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  1. AceOfAces

    Opus Converter Tool for RPG Maker MV

    What's this? This tool converts OGG Vorbis files to Opus files (using FFMPEG) and disguises them as OGG files. The tool preserves the audio quality and loop tags. Why? Opus has a more efficient compression versus Vorbis, while the quality is preserved. In the case of lossy to lossy conversion...
  2. AceOfAces

    Immortal Sins (Second Edition Beta, Version 0.30.2-20190507)

    Latest Beta Version: D0.30 Update 2 (0.30.2-20190507) Available on the following mirrors: GameJolt (look for "Second Edition Beta"), itch.io(look for "Public Beta") and Windows Store (Windows 10, Version 1607+ only) Story: Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island...
  3. AceOfAces

    RPG Maker MV Cook Tool

    What is this? This tool automates the compilation of JavaScript files with NW.js' compiler. The compiler creates binary versions of the files, ensuring protection of the source code. The tool also packages the code (and the assets) on an archive that Nw.js can read. How do I use it? First of...
  4. AceOfAces

    Play test a MV game with BrowserSync

    Sometimes, you need to play-test an MV game in a browser. However, trying to run the game through the index.html file will result in crashes. Using BrowserSync (a Node.js module), we can set up a local server in seconds and test it, without having to set up server software (unless you need to...
  5. AceOfAces

    Make bed sheets as layers

    (Notice: This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV's user interface.) Video Version: Text Version: In previous versions of RPG Maker, to make (for example) a bed sheet, you’d need to make an overlay image, for the bed sheet to be above the characters. In MV, you can...
  6. AceOfAces

    A float parameter 1 isn't finite?

    I'm trying to port the RGSS3 script I made (a script that changes the color of the HP bar depending on the remaining HP). I have wrote most of the logic, but for some reason when it reaches to the point of the low hp (and only that point), the game crashes with error "TypeError: Failed to...
  7. AceOfAces

    HP Color Controller

    AceOfAces submitted a new resource: HP Color Controller - Allows developers to customise the HP bar and text Color depending on the remaining HP. Read more about this resource...
  8. AceOfAces

    Hello! Newcomer here.

    Hello there! I'm AceOfAces. Nice to meet you all.