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  1. Demonboy75

    Battle Background

    I'm currently working on a game with Earthbound-like graphics (if you don't know what Earthbound is, you should play it sometime; it's excellent and it's available on the Nintendo eShop for only ten dollars). I just finished the first battle background, and I want some input on it. What do you...
  2. Demonboy75

    Earthbound Battle Backgrounds?

    I thought the backgrounds for battles in Earthbound were psychedelic, but at the same time they were fitting of such a quirky RPG. I have been working on creating better pixel art, and have found that my particular style matches up with Earthbound's style to an extent. Thus, I would like to ask...
  3. Demonboy75

    Favorite games to play during October (Halloween)?

    Being that it's October, the spookiest month of the year, I figured creating a little discussion about games appropriate to play during said month would be timely and intriguing. So, out of curiosity, what is it that all of you like to play in October to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Maybe...
  4. Demonboy75


    So, I'm creating a game using MV with either free-to-use, default, or Character Generator assets. Up until just recently, the game has been working fine, but now whenever I playtest it, saving and loading a profile lags the game for about two to five seconds. It's minor, but I'd like to get rid...
  5. Demonboy75

    Disable Items During Battle?

    I'm currently working on two games: The Factory, a game made on VXAce that will use my own custom graphics and sound design, and a project on MV that I don't want to reveal just yet. For the project in MV, the player will fight an enemy in a dream. I thought to myself while making this battle...
  6. Demonboy75

    Art Critique

    This thread is to post my art and ask people to tell me what I can do to make it look better. I'm always looking to improve, so please don't be overly nice. Be as mean as you want! I'm serious, you can call it TRESH if you so choose. For those who don't already know, this is for my...
  7. Demonboy75

    What's your favorite RPG?

    Hello there, all you wonderful MV people. I decided to take a small break from working to check out some other areas of the forums, and since I found this one, the topic immediately came into my head: "What's everyone's favorite RPG?" Knowing this may help me to see what people enjoy...
  8. Demonboy75

    Old Art v. New Art

    I took some pointers from the lovely people on this forum, as well as a few art tutorials I got from one of those lovely people. I got a suggestion to show my art to see if it was as bad as I thought it was before I got those pointers. Thus, I decided I would simply show what I have...
  9. Demonboy75

    Introduce myself? Sure. Why not?

    Hello to all of you wonderful people on RM. I go by many (stupid) names, but you may call me Demonboy75. My lifelong dream has always been to develop games ever since I was a little boy, and that determination to make games has never wavered. I know how RM works, and I would like to think...