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  1. Smokey

    New Theme

    I like the look of the theme and don't see a reason it'd need to be changed. :)
  2. Smokey

    Smokey on Mixer!

    Hey all, for those that don't know or are unaware of it. I'm also a streamer on Mixer.com :) I'm approaching 1,000 followers on there. :) I stream about 3 days a week, 4-5 hours a day. :) At least for now. I'm hoping to become a Mixer partner in the future, I really enjoy streaming and I stream...
  3. Smokey

    Revillution - Your Portal to Entertainment

    Revillution is an entertainment website & forum that covers gaming, streaming, technology, movies, music & all sorts of entertainment genres. We offer something for everyone at Revillution, even if you aren't a gamer, you'll find something you'll like about the site! We offer lots of...
  4. Smokey

    How often do you email users?

    Usually only if a major change occurs, such as if there was a move in software or something else major occurred on the site that the users need to be notified about, such as them having to change their passwords for security purposes, etc. :) I try not to annoy my users with weekly emails like...
  5. Smokey

    Smokey here!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. The forums look great and I'm enjoying them so far. :)
  6. Smokey

    Can't post in the promotion sections?

    Can I ask what add-on you use to enable do-follow links? I had one back on XF1 but I couldn't find one for XF2? Also, I've obtained 10 posts but still can't seem to post in that section?
  7. Smokey

    Can't post in the promotion sections?

    So i'm not sure if that's a slight oversight or not, but I can't seem to post in any of the promotion sections available here on the forums? :)
  8. Smokey

    How to get good statistics!

    Pretty good read. :) It's a really helpful guide too. :) Definitely worth reading for any forum owner wanting to improve their statistics.
  9. Smokey

    VIP Memberships?

    I have a paid membership on my forum as well, but so far I haven't had any takers. I have 2 tiers of it and one is more suited for webmasters and forum owners wanting a little more exposure, the prices are pretty affordable IMO, but then again I've just restarted my forum not long ago so it's...
  10. Smokey

    Custom Addons or Pre-Made?

    Since i'm on a tight budget, I generally utilize pre-made add-ons. It'd be quite expensive to get some custom made, however. in the past I have had an add-on made for XF1, which was then released to the public, but the developer didn't charge that much so it was fine. :) I usually go pre-made...
  11. Smokey

    Post Timer Limit

    This is great to know. I was just about to make a thread about this before I realized it was already addressed. :)
  12. Smokey

    Does forum software matter?

    Does the software that powers the community matter or make a difference within whether the forum is successful or not? What do you think? Personally, I don't think the software being used makes a difference. I've been on forums that haven't been updated in decades but are still rather active...
  13. Smokey

    Smokey here!

    Hey all! Smokey here. I'm a gamer & webmaster from USA. I've been gaming and using & running forums for a really long time now. :) This place looks pretty interesting. I've always been interested in the RPG Maker series, but never really got around to using one myself. :) I look forward to...