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    Best marketing strategies

    Yea the YT Channel gets some revenue same as Patreon Sponsorship sometimes they add the users name in the channel description I think thats also a good way to promote your channel and another person channel. Also having a page on your website dedicated to your sponsors or partnership page does well.
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    Best marketing strategies

    I think another one I forgotten to mention is Video Promotion (YouTube) I liked the promotional video of xyphien of how detail and informative the promotion video was of this site that I decided to join.
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    Heroes and Generals

    I play Heroes and Generals its a Military focused game does anyone else play it? You can find more info about their game here. What makes this game unique is the graphic game play as well as the vehicles offered in game and plus its multiplayer which I don't see in many games these days and plus...
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    Xyphien Discord Server?

    I just have a question does Xyphien have a Discord server channel or if not coming soon as I can see the footer of this site has a link to Discord
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    Truck Driver

    It probably will eventually once it comes on PC
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    When do you open up your forums?

    Well its goes ok for the forum users do post questions in the suggestions more though.
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    Hello folks ^^

    Welcome to the Forums!
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    New Theme

    Will there be a new theme for this forum in the future or under development?
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    Favorite Hosting Company?

    For Free Host I liked x10hosting But I do run into some problems with their downtime and their support is well very slow. Otherwise its a good free host for those who are starting off their forum or website. But I have good reviews from Hawkhosting
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    Any new Free Forum Software

    I have used a new Forum Software I found one its called LayerBB its similar to MyBB and yes its open source (FREE) the only problem is the theme runs on JSON and Bootstrap
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    GameHandout - Post and get games FREE

    Great! but will there be similar contests like this in future on this site?
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    GameHandout - Post and get games FREE

    I know this is an old thread but is this game keys still active I mean this contest?
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    Music on Profile

    So I know a few forums out there have music on Profiles enabled. This could be cool feature to have on Xyphien to have a music plugin/addon to be installed and played on users profiles.
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    Truck Driver

    I am planning on buying it on Steam once it arrives in November. It seems very interesting I love the open world format. I just hope there isn't going to be too many DLC like most games have on Steam these days.
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    Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game

    Seems Great I can't wait for the game to get released.
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    Staff Banning/warning users for no reasons?

    I feel even game banning is the same as getting banned on a forum or website. I noticed its mostly done by a Moderator who is new or very rarely an Admin.
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    Free vs Paid Software

    I personally use MYBB and Phpbb3 as its a Free Host but I do like 2 Paid Forum Software Xenforo and IPB as VBulletin is getting outdated and less users use it these days.
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    Best marketing strategies

    I think Promotion in signatures usually does works. Social Media promoting and I think Money as @TheJason said
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    Staff Banning/warning users for no reasons?

    Have you every been on a Forum where you have been warned or banned for doing nothing. Well Yes I have actually and I am sure many users have there are a few forums out there that ban and warns users for no reasons. I had an experience where I just said why that staff member of my forum then...
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    Strict no same niche advertisements? Your opinion on this?

    I think its cause many same niche forums don't want people leaving their forums for the same niche as the other site might have something better to offer I had a similar experience with of the forum I just don't remember the name of it. So its like a competition.