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  1. ClintHennesy

    TheClintHennesy's Art Workshop

    Since I'm in the middle of working on a project- I decided I'll be updating this with art that I've done for the project. Here's the first character art! I'm still deciding if I should put in my older "Character Art" here. :D
  2. ClintHennesy

    The Turn-Based Combat System- How would you fix it?

    Open Forum/Discussion for all you game designers out there. You either love it- or hate it. The turn-based combat system has been with us for years now- and the mechanics are somewhat "outdated". Most of the time- there's very little engagement since it's not in real time- it's generally a...
  3. ClintHennesy

    EDUN RPG: 2016 Recruitment Thread

    RECRUITMENT OPEN TILL SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 Mock-ups of final "Character Bust Arts" Done back as a Style Test. Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen! We are currently looking for an enthusiastic Programmer/Scripter and/or Game Designer looking for a project to do. Essentially, we want to produce a...
  4. ClintHennesy

    Hi! I'm Clint. :D

    I'm here to introduce myself. I've been doing a lot of pre-prod work for a project the past 3-4 months or so. It's finally reaching to a point where I got a writer and we're getting a good grasp of the story and scope we want to deliver. I'm actually here to find out more about the community...