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  1. ObsidianTrance

    Portraits/Character/Armament+Item/Maps [PAID]

    Commission Sheet Payment Method- Paypal Contact for Inquiry- PM by respective site, blumiu7@gmail.com Additional Information- *Illustrations for Title Screens which may include additional characters and objects, will be discussed during inquiry *Any commercial work aside Cartography maps will...
  2. ObsidianTrance

    Voice Acting

    Where would be an appropriate place to post sample work and the like? Resources seems the closest I can think of.
  3. ObsidianTrance


    The name is ObsidianTrance and new here, but not the RPG Maker community at large. I'm an artist and share my art wherever I go and gander at the other talented members it has to offer, as well! Glad to be here and hope to meet each of you :) Take care.
  4. ObsidianTrance

    ObsidianTrance Art

    Greetings RMers :) This is my first post here and likely to be main, unless I make a thread sharing my writing. I thought it would be great to share my artwork with other artists here, get some feedback and eventually, every now and then, take up some requests for those that would like~ I'm a...