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  1. Magus Gar Kan

    Player Agency and Story Choices

    Ultimately speaking, most games are linear. Outside of Procedurally generated content, it's almost inevitable that a game will progress along specific storylines points, from beginning, to middle, to end. On one extreme end of the spectrum, you have the most linear of visual novel games. Where...
  2. Magus Gar Kan

    Which Should I do?

    I am at an impasse on what I should focus my creative energies on... However, a little context. When I first started with RPG Maker it was back in high school and I had actually managed to get a full working game demo going... I had the prologue, some fancy cutscenes and the two initial story...
  3. Magus Gar Kan

    Fireside Tales: Land of the Lastborn [Contest 4/2019]

    Magus Gar Kan submitted a new resource: Fireside Tales: Land of the Lastborn [Contest 4/2019] - Entry for Jungle Contest Read more about this resource...
  4. Magus Gar Kan

    Full Portraits of base characters

    Sorry if this has been posted or answered, but my question is this: I am looking for four full body portraits of the four stock heroes: Harold, Therese, Marsha and Lucius. I could have sworn I saw them somewhere, but can't find them on the forums or in any of the resource packs I have. Do...
  5. Magus Gar Kan

    Hail and Well Met

    Hi everybody! I used to be a part of the community waaaaay back in the 2k 2k3 days, though I never got beyond a demo or so put out. I dove headfirst into MV and am trying to now get passed a massive case of dev-block.