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  1. punchybot

    Music Problems

    Anyone else having issues with BGMs? I go to play test... nothing happens most of the time. I put in a .ogg file and when it's time to play in game, it takes a while to kick in. What gives?
  2. punchybot

    Hey there

    I have been linked to this website several times, whether it was on YouTube or another site. I'm not sure why I kept clicking dumb advertisements for other sites, but alas I suppose it was destiny, so here I am. I'm a jack of all trades. You know how those go. Average at everything. :P I'll...
  3. punchybot

    Plot: Reapers

    I have been brainstorming, writing a script, world building etc for a year now for a game I would like to call Reapers, however, I have a small urge to change the name to something more appropriate. For now though, we'll focus on the plot. :) I am a BIG fan of the Tales of series, so a lot of...