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    Help and Tutorial using db 16 palette (SNES style graphics) w/ Aseprite

    Don't know if this is the right spot to post it. If it isn't, please move it to the correct topic. Heyooo RPG Makers! So for the last couple days, I've been researching in what I need to give my game a SNES style graphic. It seems that the palettes I need to work with is the db 16 palette to...

    Game Plot - Need feedback and suggestions

    Greetings everyone RPG Makers! EDIT: Thank you so much for your feedback. I made some tweaks and adjustments. So here is the revised story, along with the possible title. Here, I bring you the story plot of my game. For now, the title of my game is called: Soulprism The game title is NOT...

    Help with menu displays.

    So after dabbling with some scripts and experimenting, I already decided how my menus and battle display's going to be. So have a look. Also, I need some tutoring in modifying some parts. Advice are always welcomed: So this is using SRD's Kingdom Heart menu, which I really like. The default...

    Recomendations for Improving HUDs and menus for my future project.

    EDIT: Added spoiler buttons. So for awhile, I've been dabbling with the RPG Maker MV engine to see what to implement in my project. I have an idea what to implement, so here are some images: The regular menu, using YANFLY's Menu, Skill, and Party Formation Using GALV's message style text...

    Looking for SNES-style tileset for RPG MAKR MV

    I like the premade tilesets they provide for you so you can start your project asap. However, for the past week, I've been experimenting on different things like character parts, testing various scripts like YANFLY's, map designing, etc. Can anyone recommend me tilesets, character parts and...

    Heyooo everyone!

    Heyooo! GYIYGABITE here, and I want to say hi. New member here, so I look forward to surfing what thsite provides. I'm still dabbling in using RPG Maker MV before I start my first project. Looking forward to it!