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  1. punchybot

    Christmas Contest!

    If I had a soul, I would compete.
  2. punchybot

    A Rough time..

    I am a big fan of guides. Simply because they usually use visual support, which hits others learning perspectives other may have. (Reading, Observing, Listening, Writing[doing]) Here's a guide from RPG Maker website...
  3. punchybot

    Ask Amy Anything

    Wouldn't purple match your heart?
  4. punchybot

    The Funny Picture Thread

    Random is the way to go.
  5. punchybot

    The Funny Picture Thread

    That bus was only fast because they painted flames on the side of it. Not fair. Do moving pictures count?
  6. punchybot

    This Monkey thinks he arteh.

    Your drawings are unique enough that they don't need a signature for someone to figure out who made them.
  7. punchybot

    Ads on the forums

    I honestly think this decision is best left to "upper management." Definitely bring in the ads, but don't do it at the expense of the visitors. They should be on the sides at the very least. Also, I am an adblock user. So they won't be reaching me anyway.
  8. punchybot

    What Inspires Your Story?

    Are you two brothers
  9. punchybot

    Thoughts on MV's character generator? (bonus: show off your creations!)

    Well, here's my main character for my game Reapers. I like how it came out. It's really just a placeholder though.
  10. punchybot

    Ask Amy Anything

    Purple or Black?
  11. punchybot

    [Poll] Change Smileys?

    Yes yes yes!
  12. punchybot

    eivl AMA

    Wait, you were born? Amazing!
  13. punchybot

    Final Banner Voting!!!

    16 looks like RPGMAKERWEB.com's Also, why is there an ability to change your vote?
  14. punchybot

    Music Problems

    Here you go. Made a new project even (and of course tested) to see if it still happens. Spoilers: It does.
  15. punchybot

    Music Problems

    It happens with stock music. It happens with the m4a's present or not. One work around I did discover for my custom track was shortening it to about a minute. It resolved the delay in game, but there's still a big delay when you BGM test. There's generally a delay with everything.
  16. punchybot

    Patrico: To the West

    Sounds like PoPoLoCrois. Well, it reminded me of it. I like it.
  17. punchybot

    How Do You Plan Your RPG?

    I think of the story, and then specific points of the story i want to happen, ending etc then fill in the gaps with improvision as i make the game. I write down ideas and what i want to be solid.
  18. punchybot

    Well, the only way is to get yourself banned. SPAM AWAY!

    Well, the only way is to get yourself banned. SPAM AWAY!
  19. punchybot

    MV Resource development

    Ah yes I remember those. I look forward to what you will create. The ability to no longer include the weapons should give you more freedom?