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  1. Xavier101

    [Seeking Team] An Adventure/Conquest game in the making

    Greetings, Everyone! I am relatively new to the game making world, but have been working on taking an old story of mine and converting it into what I believe to be a fun and interesting story. While I am new to this, I have been looking up details and getting the hang of the program to make sure...
  2. Xavier101

    Game Plan & Prep

    Not sure if it makes much sense, but I always end up focusing on the world. As I build the lands and terrains, I end up working out the history of how certain landmarks came to be. Slowly creating a backstory for the main story to have when I switch over to it. Helps me out since I've always...
  3. Xavier101

    Newcomer and possible creator

    Thanks for the greeting. I'm hoping my game idea ends up developing into something major as I adjust to the maker's system(which is coming along well). Once something solid is made, I might hunt some music, visual, and other positions to fill for my game in the making. Here's to hoping my...
  4. Xavier101

    Discussion: Idea for a gameplay mechanic.

    First of all, new to this community so i hope i can get along with you all. Now onto the matter at hand. I have been working on converting an old fan story i once made into an original game story after getting a creative urge when i found rpg maker. I am still practicing and testing things out...
  5. Xavier101

    Newcomer and possible creator

    Not long ago I came across RPG Maker MV during my most recent creative phase in story ideas. It really got me going so I am toying around with it to see if I am able to make my idea into reality. Depending on how it goes, I might think of turning it into a commercial project. But for now, I'm...