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  1. Mysiath

    Mysiath's AMA; dungeon of Insanity

    Hello there! I, the Eternal Lord, have decided to answer the questions you silly little mortals have. This is my 'ask me anything' thread. This thread is being kept in the dungeons, for now. Right now I am staring at the wall and I am attempting to brainstorm what I should write here... I am...
  2. Mysiath

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Voice-Acting Contest

    https://gamerant.com/mass-effect-andromeda-voice-acting-role-contest-915/ I thought I would share this here if anyone is actually interested to try and achieve greatness. I do so love me some Mass Effect.
  3. Mysiath

    [Writer - Free] Services of Mysiath -

    Hello there! I've wanted to post this for a long time, but I couldn't figure out the way to go about it because I wanted to make it sleek, shiny and nicely organized. But, here is the thing. I'm not really a fan of organization. I like everything messy and as long as it is my mess, then I know...
  4. Mysiath


    Well hello there. I don't dislike introductions, but I'm not a huge fan of them either. I've never been much into creating introductions and I suppose a new forum is a must for introducing yourself unless someone likes to lurk. I know I like to lurk. And I did lurk for a day and slightly more. I...