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  1. MistyDay

    Degica giveaway + steam sale

    Hello fellow members, I have just notticed new giveaway If someone wanna to join too, here is my referral link :) http://bit.ly/2enUDvq
  2. MistyDay

    I can´t see what´s wrong with my event

    Hi, It´s really strange and I can´t see whats wrong. In my enent, when party has "sleeping pills perscripscion" and trade it for "pills" dialogue does not stop as it should, but switch to page 2 and start again. As You can see self-switch A should be OFF. (The same switches are used for...
  3. MistyDay

    holly molly, what is this spam ?

    what the hell is that spam :(
  4. MistyDay


    Hi makers! Have got anyone of you experience with TyranoBuilder ? Especially with exporting-creating the android app ? (puppy eyes)
  5. MistyDay

    What series do you watch / like ?

    Heeloo makers. Do you like watch series ? What one would you recommend. I wahched The100 recently - it was ¨silly-stoopid-addictive-and-everything :D I´d like something similar :)
  6. MistyDay

    Giveaways! - a place where you can inform about interesting events

    DegicaGames has new big Giveaway again, don´t be shy and use my reference link :) http://bit.ly/1rDc3pz
  7. MistyDay

    Force hero to sleep

    Hi, I think I do something wrong. I wanna make my heroine to sleep but somehow I can´t find out how to change it´s image. I created common event connected to sleeping pills but my "change actor image" command does not work properly. Image changes just for second and then heroine is standing...
  8. MistyDay

    Locking threads

    Heeloo, I just browsed around, and started thinking about locked topics. Is really important to lock answered ones ? I think it could be handy to be able post there new solutions if you find any or have additional questions...
  9. MistyDay

    Using "Get location info" command

    Hello RPG world. I am starting to be afraid to ask, because it looks like I am only one who do not understand all the time :( Today I reached point, where I wanna transfer hero to another map and then back to the same location where hero stood (but this particular location is absolutely...
  10. MistyDay

    can´t find what´s wrong

    Hello, Can anyone tell me whats wrong ? Why minilabel is not shown ? Have I gone crazy ? plugin used : YEP_EventMiniLabel free image host
  11. MistyDay

    I suggest enlarge "new post table"

    I think it will be nice to enlarge "new posts table" on the left side Current 5 posts is not so much, 10 for example would be better or even more :)
  12. MistyDay

    Move (walk) event to particular coordinates

    Hi again, My "NPC" event is moving around the room randomly and I wanna it will go to particular coordinates as reaction to one switch turns on. Because it moving randomly, its not possible to set fixed route.. I was looking everywhere but did not find any clues how to set it up. Is there such...
  13. MistyDay

    turning on the lights with delay

    Hi all makers, Once again I´d like ask You for help/hint. I am trying to find a way how to turn on lights one by one gradually (in cascade) using one light-switch on the wall. I have tried put "wait command" everywhere but light go on always instantly without delay :( plugin used is ...
  14. MistyDay

    How to stop BGS

    Hello, I used clock sound BGS on one map (in event), but I have no idea how to stop it when hero leave . Sound continue in new map too. Any hints ? Thanky
  15. MistyDay

    Lost Adventure of Tracy B.

    Lost Adventure of Tracy B. Have You ever tried to change the future ? And what about the past ! how to screen capture
  16. MistyDay

    Random in (paralel) events

    Hi again, I need your help once again :) Today I want to create mouse hanging around basement and make sound randomly. I somehow create event (pics bellow), but it does not work at all :( - sound does not play just once :( May be you have challenged similar problem and you could give me some...
  17. MistyDay

    small face expression update (people1)

    Hello! submitted a new resource: small face expression update (people1) - faces Read more about this resource...
  18. MistyDay

    Complexity of the game

    Hi people, What is Your experience about complexity in the game ? Do people like extensive net of possibilities in dialogues and so, or quite straight storyline ? My friend told me it would be lost labour create extensive net, but I think I preffer it :) What do you think?
  19. MistyDay

    Light in the dark

    Hello fellow makers, Today, I´d like to drain knowledge of light from your clever brains :) My party finally arrived to one mysterious place and wanna go inside where should be very dark dungeon just enlighted around them. Could you share some experience or address me to study material or...
  20. MistyDay

    Tiles Tiles Tiles

    Hello, What tiles do u use for your games ? Default or do u create your own ? What is the best and easiest way to create nice tiles ? Thanky