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  1. TruRevolution

    Still around...

    Hey, I've been away for quite some time now due to lack of internet. I hope everyone have a merry christmas. Although I am without the interwebs, I'm am still steadily working on a project that I hope to share with everyone one day soon.
  2. TruRevolution

    looking for opinions on some ideas

    So lets say I wanna throw someone off that cliff and into the water... (pic below) Any idea's of a cool way to accomplish that? I'm also wanting to make tutorial events to explain different mechanics ect. Is there a way to control the main menu from an event?
  3. TruRevolution

    Battle Event Issue - Please help!

    Ok, so I'm working on the next chapter of my project, and the battle at the end of the demo I released where when one of the bosses is killed then it forces the attack on Meilia ect. well.. now that I'm using a new plug in for the battle system (shown in SS) when the one boss is defeated, the...
  4. TruRevolution

    Eternal Nights Teaser SS

    Been working on some new maps for the next chapter of my project, and wanted to showcase a lil teaser for everyone! Hope ya like it!
  5. TruRevolution


    So I'm working with the Yanfly plugin's right now. More specifically the skill purchasing and job points. My question, to anyone that knows anything about these plugin's, is there a way to set it to where I can have characters purchase different armors, such as having to purchase heavy armor...
  6. TruRevolution

    help please!

    So check it out.... I'm curious as to how I can keep events resetting locations when leaving and reentering an area? IE: you flip a switch an object moves... you do this with an Set movement Route or Set Event Location command, but how can I keep those locations saved when leaving and...
  7. TruRevolution

    Eternal Nights (Demo)

    Enjoy this short demo of my project. Feel free to drop comments about what ya think. Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4ihcwnpy36qnhg/Project2.rar?dl=0
  8. TruRevolution


    Is anyone else having problems uploading a .RAR to the fourm? Or is that something i have to have an external link for?
  9. TruRevolution

    Goku Enemy sprites Normal and SSJ God?

    ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with my project, but would think it to be freaking awesome if I could have a boss battle with freaking goku... can someone help me out? I might even throw it in my project as a random side quest xD
  10. TruRevolution

    Need help with battle events

    Oh so here I am, really close to closing up up work so that I can release a small demo, but there is this one issue I need help with. So ok... Lemme set the background Boss fight against 2 monsters with 2 party members When on of the enemies die, I want the to use a specific attack on...
  11. TruRevolution

    Ideal about a character influence system

    So here I'm thinking about character relationship/influence system. Like how could this be done? Would it have to be done with a plug-in? could it be done with variables? Any ideas?
  12. TruRevolution

    Any input?

    So as I've been working more and more with this program, I find a lot that I love and hate about it. Personally I feel as if the Male "parts" of the character generator is lacking in choices. I've been looking for some Resources to help this issue, but really isn't relevant to what I'm about to...
  13. TruRevolution

    Name something....

    Ok, here is the game. Think about the current project you have going or is working on. How do you relate to your main character? I'll go First... In my game, my main character fights for those he loves. He sacrifices himself for the better of those around him. Even if I can't relate...
  14. TruRevolution

    Ok need y'all again.

    lol so this time my issue is with not being able to move after my player recruits a new party member, I'll Post SS's of the event as well. Ty in advance to anyone that can help solve these problems
  15. TruRevolution

    Issues with Tilesets

    So I downloaded a outdoor tile set to play with, but the images are completely walk thru-able. Is there a way to fix this?
  16. TruRevolution

    Help Needed.

    Ok. Let me try to explain what I have done here, or at least am trying to accomplish. (I'll post SS's of my event boxes) I'm working on an intro cutscene. I have one event block that serves at the master event, and others that just contain character sprites that the main event uses to move...
  17. TruRevolution


    Hey there, I'm Tru. I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker ( havn't dabbled with it since the RPG Maker on Playstation days) I'm here to learn more about using the program so I can create a fun, but yet awesome game for my friends to play!