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  1. Lore

    Adding More Options to RMMV Skills in User Profiles

    Any possibility of this? Because the only one that comes remotely close to my skill set is "Gamer" and that's not entirely accurate. Titles such as "Plugin Developer", "Database Developer", "Resource Creator", etc. Something like that. While I know some of the existing titles could incorporate...
  2. Lore

    Game Plan & Prep

    Hey folks, I've been wondering for a while...what do you guys do as your first steps for game planning and preparation? I have my own methods, such as developing a rough outline of how I want the story to go, planning parts of the database and working out main characters and such, but I'm...
  3. Lore

    Seasonal Tiles/Sprites

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of any good seasonal tiles/sprites packs for outdoor, dungeon and overworld. While i can generally find tiles/sprites for Summer and Spring, I tend to have more difficulty finding tiles that offer the same imagery for Autumn/Fall & Winter. Thanks guys.
  4. Lore

    Video/Sound Recording (for Tutorials, etc)

    Hi folks, I'm wanting to make a video of my Database setup tutorial, as well as potentially a beginning series of beginner tutorials. What I want to know is, for those who have done tutorials like this before, what screen capture/video recording, voice recording & video compilation software do...
  5. Lore

    Static or Dynamic Classes

    Hi folks, I'm currently working on a new game idea, however I'm trying to work out if I should have Static classes (where each character is their own class, or a single class that can use all equipment types, etc.), or Dynamic classes (where characters can freely change their class type)...
  6. Lore

    Building Gaming Networks

    Hey folks! About a month ago, I posted a thread asking people to post friend codes for anyone who had the new Nintendo Switch. No one replied to it, though it was viewed multiple times. But it got me thinking... as a community of Gamers, Developers, Artists and the like, the one thing we have...
  7. Lore

    Switching It Up! Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    Hey folks! With the release of the Nintendo Switch, I wanted to know who has it, and if you guys feel up for it, add me as a friend :D My Friend Code is 5944-8936-6187 Thankfully, you don't need to add the SW to the friend code. :) Feel free to post your Friend Codes here too!
  8. Lore

    Potential Badge/Avatar Service Offer [Free/Paid]

    Hi folks! Many of you may be aware of the Badge contest the forums are holding at the moment (if you haven't heard about it, you can find it here). Now, if anyone looks at that post, you'll see that I love making badges. What I'd like to know is, if I were to provide a service to create badges...
  9. Lore

    Discord Link In Social Bar

    Hey @Xyphien, Perhaps, when you get round to it, we should put a Discord link in the socialising section of the site footer so that people have that option available to them if they miss Discord links elsewhere. Just a thought. :)
  10. Lore

    Areas of Development

    Hey folks, During the development of your games, do you find that areas you excel in, tend to be so easy for you that you feel that you haven't done much at all? Conversely, do the areas you have the most difficulty with feel like real work and after what seems like ages you discover you...
  11. Lore

    The King's Loss [LGA]

    TAGLINE: Hope doesn't come in the form of knights. It comes in the form of 3 somewhat crazy and rebellious young people, and one very grumpy old man. --- The King's Loss is a game that a group of us known as the Lost Game Advocates are creating. The story follows a small group of heroes who...
  12. Lore

    A Musical Conversation

    Hi folks! This game is one you've probably heard of before. Playing is easy - using only a song title, you need to continue the story, the first line of which will NOT be a song title, but will be posted below. The more the song title makes sense in relation to the song title before and/or the...
  13. Lore

    What Is The One Area of the Development Process You Find the Hardest?

    A question that has been floating in the miasma that is my mind is, when making a game in RMMV, what is one area of the development process you find the hardest, or want to improve upon? Everyone is either a jack-of-all-trades, where they can do pretty much everything in their game, or they...
  14. Lore

    Happy Birthday Forums!!! :D

    Happy Birthday Forums!!! :D
  15. Lore

    [FREE] Basic Character Generation

    Hi folks, I'm offering my services again, this time for Character Generation. While it is relatively simple for people to utilise the Character Generator in MV to make a bunch of different characters, it can and does take time to find that perfect combination. I can take this strain away from...
  16. Lore

    Enemy Balancing

    Hey folks, Just a quick question to ask - How do you guys go about balancing your enemies? I've tried a few different ways but they just don't seem to work well, like they'll be too weak or too strong as per the character level. What do you guys do to work these out?
  17. Lore

    Female Fighter Character

    Lore submitted a new resource: Female Fighter Character - A female fighter character for use in projects. Read more about this resource...
  18. Lore

    Older Gentleman Character

    Lore submitted a new resource: Older Gentleman Character - An older gentleman for use in projects. Read more about this resource...
  19. Lore

    Standard Fighter Character

    Lore submitted a new resource: Standard Fighter Character - A male fighter-type character for use in projects. Read more about this resource...
  20. Lore

    Elf/Dark Elf/Drow Character

    Lore submitted a new resource: Elf/Dark Elf/Drow Character - A male Elf/Dark Elf/Drow chartacter for use in projects. Read more about this resource...