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  1. Status Gear Entertainment

    Banner Creation Event!

    Due to some anonymous feedback , you guys have requested some changes and so I went back and fulfilled those changes with a slight add-on to the banner and a better design for MV-Tan herself! So this is a bump to acknowledge for an update on my previous post. (bowandarrow)
  2. Status Gear Entertainment

    Banner Creation Event!

    Been awhile since i've been on here, lots of Navy work going on. Kind of back but I saw this so I thought I'd show you guys i'm still alive. This here is a combination of a template that was given editted to fit in with some custom stuff I have. Everything I have here is totally customize-able...
  3. Status Gear Entertainment

    Hello and welcome! Do not be afraid to ask questions, I like to help!

    Hello and welcome! Do not be afraid to ask questions, I like to help!
  4. Status Gear Entertainment

    Welcome! Do not be afraid to ask questions, I love to help!

    Welcome! Do not be afraid to ask questions, I love to help!
  5. Status Gear Entertainment

    Cutscene problems

    On page 1, set a Self-Switch at the end. And on page 2, set the Condition of the page to check for a Self-Switch That is one way you can get content to run from page to page on the same event.
  6. Status Gear Entertainment

    Enemy drop items...

    That is correct, you will not be able to do anything like this naturally. You will probably have to find a custom system that does something like this. Luckily you can still imitate something similar by creating a variable that will constantly change it's value until you specify a specific...
  7. Status Gear Entertainment

    Battle Paused Need Help

    Not quite sure what you specifically are looking for. I created a battle where at the end of turn 1 (when you attack and the enemy attacks), it will force both enemies and allies to sleep. The game seemed to just have a few text saying that the enemy was asleep, you were asleep, enemy was...
  8. Status Gear Entertainment


    Nice to meet you @Arcwinds and welcome to the forums, I will be glad to help you. I like to help others trouble shoot their problems when it involves eventing and creating logic.
  9. Status Gear Entertainment

    Enemy drop items...

    Well it doesn't have to necessarily be a parallel process but rather, just a process that can be called to every time you go to collect an item, armor or gold. This would be more efficient because a consistent check for every single moment would slow down the game drastically. It would still be...
  10. Status Gear Entertainment


    Sounds like an image is missing or broken and when you try to load up a battle, that image can't be found for some reason. Try creating a new project to see if it does it again. And if it doesn't maybe just copy image folders over to the old project.
  11. Status Gear Entertainment

    Custom Loading Screens?

    If you follow this here below you can easily re-use this with no plugins needed. This will work every time you call it as a common event on the map! (cute)(icecream)
  12. Status Gear Entertainment

    Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

    What you're looking for is Passage (4 dir) on the tilesets tab if you look at the dark piano on the right side you'll notice I clicked the arrows pointing outward. That means that passability coming from that direction (in reference to the piano's position) is allowable. Now you'll notice you...
  13. Status Gear Entertainment

    Items only usable after achieving class level

    I'm not sure about items but equipment like weapons and armor we can for sure. I don't know if there's a plugin for it or anything but I found out how you can do it through events. Here this will check for that specific Hero -> Their specific class -> Their specific level -> and if all else...
  14. Status Gear Entertainment

    Enemy drop items...

    Items might be a bit trickier I will have to look more into that later. But gold is relatively easy. You can have a parallel process run in the background checking for gold. You need to set up: 1. A variable that grabs your current gold. 2. A variable that will be how much gold you want to...
  15. Status Gear Entertainment

    How do i make my Custom 32x48 Sprite work?

    Isn't 48x48 a standard tile size? If you're smaller than that rocking 32x48 you should have no problem following the size of a block. That means if you do 48 * 3 (because there are 3 sprites: Walk Left, Stand, Walk Right) then you get 144 wide. If you do 48 * 4 (because there are 4 sprites...
  16. Status Gear Entertainment

    Closing a loop when a commen event inside that loop teleports you to a new map.

    I kind of get what you mean but you can you show an example? From my understanding, when you win in a common event, you get teleported. Have you tried to do something like this? This should do it im not mistaken because after you break out of the endless loop for WINNING then the event...
  17. Status Gear Entertainment

    Helper character....help

    Of course! So do this : Go To "Tools" up top Go to "Database" The 12th tab down called "Common Events" are events you can call pretty much from anywhere. If you set it up like this, you only need to turn on a switch on the map. To do this, click on the empty area that says "Contents" to...
  18. Status Gear Entertainment

    How can I change my flashlight / battery setup to be step-based instead of frame based?

    I was curious on something that involved step counts too. I asked a friend and he came up with this : $gameParty._steps % 50 == 0 && $gameParty._steps > 0 Although this would be more appropriate for detecting whether it should be off, because if it's a multiple of 50 and the battery life is...
  19. Status Gear Entertainment

    Looking for anyone interested

    If you have any questions in regards to learning how to event this, don't be afraid to ask. It seems like this can be easily done as a Visual Novel (or not that depends on you) and those are fairly easy and good place to start learning RMMV. Don't be afraid to PM me if you want to learn more!
  20. Status Gear Entertainment