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    Event Creation in JS

    Hello, everybody- I am working on a script where I am trying to create a new Event during gameplay: $._bago = function() { var template_id = 0; // default- blank event template if (arguments.length != 0) template_id = Number(arguments[0]); // get event template...
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    MV 1.6.x zHUD 0.8

    Introduction zHUD is a very rudimentary HP Head-Up Display, reminiscent to the style used in the Zelda series. zHUD is designed for use with single-actor games. zHUD uses a set of image files to indicate HP status. Parameters Prefix This is the prefix of the set of image files being used...
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    p0_boy submitted a new resource: zHUD - A Zelda-esque, HP HUD Plug-In Read more about this resource...
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    Converting a Script into a Plug-In

    I was able to solve this problem thanks to the help of the brilliant Caethyril. Check-out our subsequent plug-in, zHUD.
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    Converting a Script into a Plug-In

    Hey, folks- I have been using RPG Maker MV for little over a month now and am at the point where I am trying to add a HUD to my game. I adapted an RPG Maker VX ACE tutorial by a user named Pixii, and came up with the following, simple script: Number.prototype.roundTo = function(num) {...
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    [HELP] Stuck In Place After Transfer Player via Common Event

    Starbird- I wasn't able to try your suggestion because Engr. Adiktuzmiko (over at the RPG Maker Forums) was able to help me solve my problem. This is what my final event and Common event looks like: Thank you for the input though and I appreciate the compliment about the art- I am...
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    [HELP] Stuck In Place After Transfer Player via Common Event

    Hello, everybody- I posed this question in the RPG Maker Forums but nobody was able to provide a solution, so I thought I might ask around here. I am trying to streamline the way my character moves from one map to another by using variables and a common event. I have a common event called...
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    Changing the MOG_ChronoEngine.js Default Font to SFont

    I am currently using MOGHUNTER’s Chrono Engine ABS plugin in my project, as well as Victor Engine’s SFont plugin. But, as displayed in the screen capture below, the Chrono Engine seems to still be using RPG Maker MV’s default font. In the last paragraph of Victor Engine’s SFont Help text...
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    MOG_CharPoses - "TypeError: Cannot read property '_chrono' of null

    Hey, All- I hope I am posting this in the right forum- I am using MOGHUNTER's Chrono Engine ABS, along with the MOG_CharPoses plug-in in my project. However, whenever I equip an item and hit the spacebar (attack button) I get the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property '_chrono' of...