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  1. HiroArk

    My Short Games Story

    This sounds interesting and so I wonder, will it be themed towards different endings and such?
  2. HiroArk

    Any Advice for getting back into RPG Maker?

    Find whatever it is that got you into making games and reignite that spark is my advice ^^
  3. HiroArk


    I dont see anything o.o?
  4. HiroArk


    Awesome keep up the good work ^^
  5. HiroArk

    New but experienced

    Thnx for the replies and welcomes everyone you all have good points and I look forward to future convos. XD
  6. HiroArk

    Continue the Sentence!

    A new hope arose..
  7. HiroArk

    The Never Ending Post Count

    103 I should sleep XD
  8. HiroArk

    New but experienced

    Hello all, Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself as Hiro.Im looking forward to future interactions on the site. :)
  9. HiroArk


    Enough said lol.
  10. HiroArk


    You just make an event that looks like what you want and make its trigger the action button then use -Recover all- in the events list tab 1 I believe.
  11. HiroArk


    Ah yeah, For a shop u make an event give it an image and add shop processing.Inside that you add the items you want them to sell. :)
  12. HiroArk

    Quick time in battle system!

    Congrats on this XD
  13. HiroArk


    Whats the game and which kind of help?
  14. HiroArk

    Hi, This is Walker's Chapters

    Hello and welcome :)
  15. HiroArk

    Hi! o/

    Hello and Hi lol.