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  1. Spindaboy

    Yanfly's Selection Control Not Dispersing Damage

    I have tried switching the default option from true to false then back to true as well as using the <disperse damage> note tag for skills, but to no avail. I have tried removing all other non Yanfly plugins one at a time, but no success then either. Whether I'm healing multiple allies or...
  2. Spindaboy

    Crouching Animation during Cut Scene

    I am making a cut scene in a battle where a character is killed then later resurrected. The problem is that once he is resurrected his HP changes to 1, however his sprite is still laying down instead of being in the crouching position. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  3. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy A New Beginning | Scripters, Animators, and Beta Testers Needed |

    I am need of experienced Scripters, Beta Testers, Animators, and any other help I can get for my project right now. Specifically, anyone that is knowledgeable in creating a custom battle scene (graphically), making/ ripping animations, testing/ balancing, or Yanfly & Victor scripts. The project...
  4. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy A New Beginning [Alpha 0.1.1] (Playable)

    Overview Here is the first release of my fan game Final Fantasy A New Beginning! This project takes heavy inspiration from classic Final Fantasy titles (I-VI); featuring the ATB system, rows, classes, and more! Each character is assigned a certain class and most learn skills at set levels...
  5. Spindaboy

    Yanfly Row Formation: Item Notetag to ignore rows.

    I'm using the Yanfly Row Formation plugin and I need a notetag for ranged weapons that will ignore rows. My two rows are: -Front, no change -Back, 50% Attack, 200% Defense, +30 Evasion, -30 Hit Rate Specifically, I want the weapons to deal the same amount of damage from the back row, but still...
  6. Spindaboy

    Missing Animations in MV after Converting from VX Ace

    When I enter a battle I can't attack because I am missing the animation "Sword1.png". I checked in the animations folder and sure enough it wasn't there. But unlike the sounds, this time I couldn't find any animation that seemed remotely related to that (No animation named sword, attack, etc.)...