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  1. gagew

    Put characters made in character generator into one sprite sheet?

    Is there a way to put a character I generated in the character generator in the same sprite sheet as another? It lets you choose what slot on the sheet it goes on but I don't want to have to open photoshop just to merge some images.
  2. gagew

    5 person caterpillar worked once?

    So there is a point in my game where there is a 5th party member, so I wanted to make a 5 person caterpillar but I could never get it to work. I rearranged the order of actors in the actors screen because I wanted it to be a specific order, and all of a sudden the 5th party member shows up in...
  3. gagew

    Are complicated plots involving time travel and secret lore a good idea?

    Basically I have a series of about 6 games planned out and they involve a stupid amount of travel between timelines, dimensions and divisions (there are 26 timelines in a dimension, 26 dimensions in a division, there are 26 divisions) All the extradimensional travel already makes the plot hard...
  4. gagew

    Gage Willson's Introduction

    Hi, I'm Gage Willson (Duh) Most of the time I just mess around and make junk in RPG maker but recently (after I upgraded from VX to MV) I have actually been making a game that is related to some games I plan to make in Unreal engine. I have no idea what I'm going to call this game, but I'm...