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  1. Eliaquim

    Hero By Destiny

    Eliaquim submitted a new resource: Hero By Destiny - RTP GAME JAM Read more about this resource...
  2. Eliaquim

    Level up character

    Hi guys! I'am new in rpg maker mv and i try to make a parallel event when the player level up, it will be show some choices for him to choose. So whenever the player levels up, this event it will happen. This event is out of the battle scene, is in the game map. I try severall scripts commands...
  3. Eliaquim

    Hi everyone!

    Hi! Finally I came here to introduce myself. I do not talk much here, but I'm always learning from the topics. I've read many things around here that have helped me a lot. In a short way: My name is Eliaquim Nascimento, I'm 28 years old and I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I left the Human...