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  1. Skyrocker

    I have returned! (...sorta)

    Boy, has it been a long time since I've been here. Right, I bet that most people will not recognize me as I have been here about a bit over a year ago for 2 to 3 months, but yeah I'm back. So to all the new people that have joined in the time between, Hi, my name is Jano Visser. I am 18...
  2. Skyrocker

    Level Design

    Right, so I've been wondering how any game developers around here actually go to work with level design and what the best way for level design is for them. Personally, I like to have multiple, small paths in my video games that will lead back to an ending. Take Deus Ex for example, the player...
  3. Skyrocker

    The Heroes' Guild; a concept in progress

    Right, didn't want to do this but I'm a sucker for feedback on my own things. The Heroes Guild: A game where our ''hero'' climbs up the ladder of ranks to become... well, a hero. Vague things aside, the major idea of this concept I have is to give the player the ability to have a feeling of...
  4. Skyrocker

    [Paid] Musician and Mapper for hire.

    Right, so some of you may not know that I'm a mapper, but that doesn't matter we're all professionals here. Hi, my name is Sky and I've been working with RPG Maker for 7 years now. I like to make music and maps and that's where I'm currently focusing on. (Although I just started out with...
  5. Skyrocker

    Could use some criticism on a soundtrack

    Right, so as the title suggests I made a soundtrack, and this is pretty much the very first soundtrack I've ever really made in FL Studio, (or at least the first one that I published, I do have another one but that one is alright). So all in all I am pretty proud of the result, but I'm kind of...
  6. Skyrocker

    I am terrible at introductions.

    Right, let's get this started then. (I totally forgot I had an account for this community but I might as well make use of it now.) My name is Jano Visser, or Sky (I prefer Sky, honestly), I am 17 years old, live in The Netherlands and have been a proud user of RPG Maker since 2010/2011...