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  1. Wize1

    Crow Design needs YOU

    (no paid positions) (must be at least 18 years old) Hello. Are you a young aspiring artist? I don't mean a natural-born picasso. I just mean... do you want to create? Whether it's drawing characters, sketching landscape, blueprinting architecture, planning out a dungeon, writing character bios...
  2. Wize1

    Giving real things a new name?

    I'm specifically talking about the "katana" sword in this thread. I want to have them in my rpg, but I don't want to name them "katana" -- What else could I do? If I give them a new name but have the same look, won't people just say "oh, it's a katana" anyways?
  3. Wize1

    Still alive?

    Hello. Long time no see. Miss many of my old friends from the rpg maker community. Who's still alive from the good ol' days? lol
  4. Wize1

    [PAID REQUEST] script/plugin for troop placement window

    I need the troop placement window to correctly scale to the resolution ive set in yanfly core engine which is 1920x1080. When the battle starts, although I placed the troop to spawn in the clouds, it just won't go up high enough in the actual battle even though its at the very top of the troop...
  5. Wize1

    default map size

    In terms of ratio, scale, etc... How big is the default map size? For example if I kept the default map size for all my maps... would it fit the screen of a 5.0" smart phone screen size proportionately? Surely if someone is playing my game, i want it to take up the entire screen of a computer...
  6. Wize1

    Review My Song, Please

    Hello. I spent all night writing this melody. Please tell me how it makes you feel. What it makes you think about.
  7. Wize1

    Wize's Bluelight Lounge (discord)

    Hello. I created a private discord server. It's just a chat room for anyone who likes a laid back, calm, relaxing environment. https://discord.gg/NYAPn9b I hope this isn't considered taking away anything from this forum. I don't mean to do that. I just wanted to make a place for nice people...
  8. Wize1

    please give opinion on this style

    I just wrote this and I would like your feedback and opinion. Any thought is welcome. Criticism also. There once was a poor boy who was sad. He walked the streets of town, kicking rocks and watching the people. He only had his grandmother. She loved him, but had nothing else to give him. No...
  9. Wize1

    how far will this amount get me

    I got 2500 dollars to make a game. How far will that get me? I want an example of an established title. Unless 2500 won't do that.
  10. Wize1

    Few Questions about rpgmakermv.co

    I've been here a while and I like the sense of family and friendship. I just meant to ask a few questions that have popped up in my head over the course of a year. What is your primary method of advertising this forum, if any at all? Do you consider other forums "competition" ? How do you...
  11. Wize1

    Seeking Assistant

    Perhaps it sounds vague. I could probably be more specific... but let's just leave it like that. I am looking for an assistant. Message me if you want to know more.
  12. Wize1


    I feel like it's man's greatest attempt to dissect the universe! Every time I learn math, I am like-- Yay! I did it. Ok. Now what? It's useless. I have no earthly ambition which would require math. Yet... I spend 90% of my time on a computer. lol
  13. Wize1

    wize1 back again

    Hello. My presence here has been inconsistent. I am still alive. Still evermore obsessed with RPGs. I dream daily. Many creative ambitions. It is nice to be back here. I feel a sense of home here. Thank you.
  14. Wize1

    I am a Musician (free)

    Hello. I need some games to make music for. I will be upfront that I am amatuer. Here are some samples of my work. https://soundcloud.com/user-693650153 I like to do character themes, settings, cinematics, and more. If you are interested in working with me, leave me a message or reply here.
  15. Wize1

    Hey, lost my skype friends

    I was friends with some of you on skype, but I lost my skype username. I was wondering if any of you remember me or still have my old skype name on your contact list. If not i'll just make a new one.
  16. Wize1

    Old visit

    Hey, miss you guys. Recovering from some stuff in my life. Hope to be back on the forums permanently soon.
  17. Wize1

    ok i'm back

    my homies XD
  18. Wize1


    i'm dying... jk i'm not dying. oh wait yes I am. Actually! I am in some dire circumstances right now. My mother is on drugs, i'm unemployed, and my brother has decided that his military PTSD is too much to handle. Which means I'm out of a place to live! Going to move to St. Augustine, FL...
  19. Wize1

    difference between 'Parallel & Autorun'

    title says it all lol Just explain it best you can so I can understand please, thanks.
  20. Wize1

    bottles o win

    3 bottles of win. mmm. 3 times the winnage. vintage winnage.