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World of Ruin

World of Ruin 2018-08-14

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Created for the one map game challenge on RPG Maker Web, World of Ruin attempts to provide a complete adventure while adhering to those limitations.

Long ago, a legendary figure failed to stop the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord sends monsters across the world, destroying civilizations and severing the trade paths of the last surviving cities. The player starts as a Hero, but is given a choice to recruit three other party members from six different classes with their own unique abilities. Create your own team, and explore the world. Fight monsters in 'dungeons' and find the five keystones required to fight the final boss.

Playtime: 3-4 Hours.
First release
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4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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First of all, know that I greatly appreciated your game, as simple as it was and despite the few things you overlooked (such as the possibility to open the menu while resting at the INN, or the NPC's sprite not disappearing when fast-forwarding through the dialogues).

I finished my first playthrough at 100% completion in 133 minutes, and I gotta say, it was worth every single one of it.

Now, on to the pros and cons. (Contains some spoilers for the game, only read if you've completed it or don't mind being spoiled minor details.)

-Many team builds and decent number of classes available.
-Intuitive gameplay with obvious weaknesses/resistances for the foes.
-No real difficulty spike, said difficulty matches the recommended level required to clear the dungeon.
-Very useful spells. (Gotta love Knight & Dancer ♥)
-The fact spirits curse you with debuffs at Turn 1 really spices up the challenge, I simply love it.

-Even if intended and if I respect that, the game is short.
-Enemies don't tend to vary that much between dungeons. (Fighting the Spirit of Light twice in the same dungeon, why not.)
-Okay, that's not really a cons because I have to fill this section somehow, but Recover All makes it too easy even with Healings/2. ^^

In conclusion, your game is purely and simply good in its own way. I highly encourage you to keep going.

PS: If you need a french translator, I'm always happy to help! I'm practically bilingual so if you want me to translate your game and share it for you, hit me up whenever!
I liked the simplicity and the bit of mystery to it. The open world concept was good too but the sprites looked a little too big for the world haha. Still, good game, keep it up :)
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. :) I wanted to do a less ambitious project I could be more experimental with.