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Wooden box set

MV 1.6.x Wooden box set 3.0 - 05/06/2019

No permission to download
Some wooden boxes to give some more variety to your maps! These will probably be updated with new boxes as I keep making more edits. Hope you like them and enjoy using them in your projects!

- 05/06/2019 : six new boxes added (red apples, blankets in three colours, and gold and silver ingots).

- Standard alignment: this alignment is the same as the original RTP. The character's head stops right below the boxes.
- Fixed alignment: boxes are brought around half a tile up, so that the character's head covers the boxes and it looks like the character can interact with them, making it look more natural. It also aligns better with the walls.

Terms of use:
  • You can use these for commercial and non-commercial projects (you must credit Enterbrain and K·Monster).
  • These are RPG Maker MV exclusive, and you must own a legal copy of the program to use them.
  • Please link back and don't repost.
Thank you!

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Latest reviews

Awesome! Thank you. :)
If this is for MV then please explain which area this tileset gets placed in? I have placed this tileset in A1 - C and it does not line up for me well.
This is not meant to be used in the A1 area. It's meant to be placed as an extra (so either B, C, D or E). The tileset should would properly like this, as I have tested it myself.
Very nice very nice!