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Window Pop

MV 1.3 Window Pop Version 2.4

No permission to download
This always happens after I decide to release the newest update, I noticed an issue with the background image for window pop conflicting with the history window. I can't have you guys going without any background images so I fixed it right away. Enjoy.
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Newest feature is the history window. You can now view your most recent pop-ups in a separate customizable window.

Other features include changing font type, font size & setting the Auto Pop to an in-game switch. All of these are parameters in the plugin manager. Enjoy!

Known bugs: Map display name in the history window will indent 32pixels due to missing icon. Even though it's a bug it's not a huge deal right now, it actually looks okay like that.
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As the title says, I noticed while working on my game the item core was conflicting with window pop due to item core's independent items system. I believe I fixed it as well as a few other bugs.
  • Fixed gain gold throwing reference error due to redundant code.
  • The queue system is now implemented, you no longer have to use wait commands in between your gain item events.
  • Collection mode got a rework and it fixed many bugs, & you can now use items in all categories
  • With the new queue system you can change the fade speed of the popup and if you want the window to slide down you can do that also.
What to expect in the next version
  • Turn off popups for individual items
  • Setup switches for auto pop up. Turn it on and off with a switch in game.
Until next time :D

Remember to report any bugs to the discussion thread if you find any.
Once again the new file did not upload properly, so hopefully this will fix it.

  • I added the ability to change the plural string for collection mode, by default it was (s) and corresponded with the color code of the item. You can now change the entire string & include message code to whatever you'd like. Eg: \C[0](s)​
  • Added a notetag to change sound effect according to item being gained. <WPOP_Sound:Attack1> will change the sound effect for that item only.​
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Last update did not upload new file, this should clear it all up.
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  • Fixed Reg-Ex Bug.
  • Added more map display name options, you can now choose to use sound effects for the map name pop up and set the timer for how it stays open.
  • Added a timer setting for auto item pop, you can now set the amount of time before window fades for item pop ups.
  • Added Collector Mode, allowing you to setup in-game variables which will keep track of the items your collecting & display in the popup.
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  • Fixed a bug when a blank Window pop shows when the Maps name is not available.
  • FIxed a big for the plugin command's icon display, it was not showing correctly.
  • Fixed a string alignment bug for the plugin command.