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Window Pop

MV 1.3 Window Pop Version 2.4

No permission to download
Exactly what I had imagined for my game, thanks!!
Love the customization for this script, thank you for sharing it!
NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is exactly the kind of plugin I was looking for. It makes using custom names for map displays a cinch.
A great plugin with a lot of customization <3
That's how it should be <3 thx
Good bye "You found a potion." Hello { x1 potion! }
Thanks for this Plugin LTN! This makes things so much easier in terms of notifying the player about items, rather than having a full text box.
Oh wow, nice work for this one, I might want to use this in my future project ;)
LTN, this is so slick and amazing. Incredible work - thanks so much :)
Amazing! Exellent for Auto Pop Ups! *g*
Wowow dude I needed this. Excellent job! =D
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank's for checking out my resource, and I'm glad it's what you were looking for and even happier you found it :)
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: Version 1.6
Makes my work a lot easier! Great Stuff. Thanks!
Just keeps getting better and better. ☺
Works wonders for item/gold gain/loss. ☺
Fantastic Plugin! Nice features such as Map Display Name Customization, Auto Pop-Ups which make eventing items/gold gains a breeze. Simply add/subtract the item/gold. Now even better with the added feature of collection mode!
Love this. Haven't had any problems with this, easy to use.

Great work LTN Games☺
excellent, does what I want it to do which is item/gold popups :P I had one before but it didn't do gold and was gross how u set it up, this u just plugin, choose what items u pickup and that all, no other stuff :P Amazing work LTN amazing i give u all the stars :) good job well deserved.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank you for the review EvilChibi, I tried keeping things as simple as possible and simplicity is how all plugins should be created.I'm glad you like my plugin and I hope you enjoy future additions.
such a good plugin. works perfectly. awesome having items highlighted by rarity in a way the player can see immediately. keeps that feedback loop fresh. a critical plugin for any professional rpg.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank you for the review polar_fawkes, I'm glad you like the item color feature.
Amazing plugin, LTN! I've been wanting a plugin like this for MV since release. Very easy to use (in my opinion) and a great utility (I think) plugin. I guess, someone could modify this with sort of like an achievement system. Maybe you could do that some day? Anyways, great job, LTN!
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank you Trumully, I'm glad you enjoy my plugin. I do my best to keep it as simple as possible so it is enjoyable by everyone who uses it.
Very nice~ I was looking for something that showed an auto item pop up, and this is perfect ^w^
LTN Games
LTN Games
I'm glad you found what you're looking for. Thank you for reviewing my plugin. If you have any suggestions or bug reports please let me know in the discussion thread of this resource. Thank you :D
This resource is going to be really useful. I am working on a project that I desire to NOT use a lot of Show Text, in Events. This gives an awesome alternative. Good alternative if using a lot of enemy characters, and decent face sets are not available.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank you MJ, I'm glad you like it so far. Thanks for taking the time to review my resource. If you have any suggestions, then please let me know in the discussion thread of this resource.
Robust and useful.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thank you eivl, I appreciate the feedback.