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Type One Demo July 2018 Space Update 2018-8-4

No permission to download
I have been working on this for a while. I just want to have some honest feedback. Thank you in advanced for taking a look. I think the story is pretty interesting, but
that's obviously what I would say. Tell me what you think. I really would appreciate it. Thanks so much.
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  1. Type One. A Space themed RPG

    Zipped Perfectly.
  2. Type One Many Bug Fixes. Sorry I was too Quick to post. Much better now!

    Take a look. I need Feedback. Thanks.

Latest reviews

Looking good so far. I liked the battle, the laser beam animation is very nice.
I would say make your scroll speed just a little slower.
(there are quite a lot of big words :)

Also I would suggest you move the camera up 2 or 3 squares when they start talking on the ship so I can see the space on the computer screen at the same time.

I liked the line; "you can't stop progress it's in our nature".

I think over all it looks good. I like the noises some of the machines make, very cute! :D

I only played about 20mins though, how long is your demo?