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Title Screen Add-On Plugin

MV 1.3 Title Screen Add-On Plugin 1.7a

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BUG FIX: Custom title and subtitle font/outline colors not changing.
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As well as some bug fixes and tweaks, the following new features have been added:
  • Skip Title Screen - Allows you to skip the title screen and go straight to the start map.
  • Change Title Font - Change the title's font to a more appropriate one for your game.
  • Main Title Splash Effect - Add a splash effect to the title.
The download has also been moved to its new site for RPG Maker RMMV plugins and resources.


Added two new weather effects: Ash and Blood. And there are a few other surprises too.

The plugin is updated to work with MV v1.3 (it should still work with v1.2) until the next update to take advantage of some of the new PIXI filters. Hence, the scrolling borders have been temporarily removed.

A lot of the code has been tidied up and, in some cases, truncated.

I also changed the way I update versions, so v1.6 would be v2.5 with the old system.
Added an option to turn the weather effect off.

Also fixed a "bug" (which someone pointed out) where the Website command still showed up if the option was turned OFF.
Just a minor bug fix.

The weather sound effect played through the pretitle movie, so this has now been resolved.
--Added some weather sound effects, which can be set in Plugin Manager (along with the weather effects).

This is a small demo of the "Storm" effect. Sorry for the low quality. (You may want to turn down the volume before viewing the video. For some reason it's louder than it usually is!)

Note: The only thing I have yet to address is the error messages that occur when the sound effect can't be found or is non-existent.