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Time Engine

MV 1.3 Time Engine 1.3.1

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Now links to website where all plugins are hosted
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Recently changed permalinks on website and this update will reflect the changes.
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Time Engine now has timers! This allows you to setup a timer using a plugin command which is basically an invisible timer and when it has run out of time it activates common events, you may also activate a common event when a timer has begun.

All known bugs from the previous version have been fixed.

  • You can now hide the year entirely from the clock
  • A simple plugin command can be used to add time, good for that moment when the story line skips ahead a couple hours days or months.
  • The message code is no longer \24Time it is now \ATIME, and the bug has been fixed which displayed the army time incorrectly.
  • You can now use in-game variables to set the time, giving you the ability to use "Number Input" to allow the player to choose the date and time.
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Just re-uploading correct version, sorry about that.
Added active and static time variables. You can setup variables to be updated during gameplay(active) or you can set a one which is static and this will record the current time it is when you set that variable.

Added message codes to retrieve the current time and or date and input into your dialogue.
\STIME - Retrieves standard time
\24TIME - Retrieves army time (Still a bug I'm working out for this one)
\FDATE - Retrieves full date
\SDATE Retrieves abbreviated date.

Parameters are showing up now! WooHoo

More plugin commands,
TE clock show/hide - Allways you to hide and show the clock.

Until next time!
Fixed game breaking bug with update function

Added in parameter options for changing, minutes in an hour, and hours in a day.

Added plugin command [TE Pause], for pausing the time wherever needed, like cutscenes.

Added plugin command to setup in-game variables to store the game time. You can now access the current time via variables for your own systems and mechanics. Useful for setting up events with time limits, etc.

Updated documentation.
Fixed a game-saving bug. The current time now saves with the game and loads the time it was when saving.