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Threshold of a Dream 2018-08-17

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Threshold of a Dream is a classic JRPG style adventure in which two boys find themselves in another world. This game is heavily influenced by both the Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda franchises. Turn based combat, character customization, dungeon crawling, level grinding, random encounters, secret areas and items, retro graphics, and 8-bit inspired music will induce a wonderful nostalgia trip for any seasoned gamer.
"I created this game for a handful of reasons. I have always had very vivid dreams and I've always wanted to find a way to share them with other people. I had always thought of writing a book, but the process has never seemed to flow well for me. One day I saw a video on Lazy Game Reviews about a kid who had made a game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I got really excited because this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to finally share this adventure in my head with other people. A few years later I made the final touches to my game. Learning to use RPG Maker has really taught me a lot about fleshing out a story while at the same time creating interesting game play and environments. Writing a coherent story line is only half of the work for a game designer. Creating a functioning world that sounds, looks, and feels good is a large chunk of the journey. I chose the JRPG style because I had just finished playing through Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls, and also because I wanted the game to be accessible to different kinds of gamers. Turn based combat allows players time to think about their actions and also avoids the learning curve that controls often present to new gamers. I feel that this format of game also feels more like reading a book, which is how the story originally formed in my head."
-Caleb Camp, creator of Threshold of a Dream
Threshold's soundtrack is a collection of remixed classic video game music by independent artists, mostly using the Threshold of a Dream album from OCREMIX. This album is an interpretation of music from Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The game, Threshold of a Dream, is also heavily inspired by Link's Awakening's melancholy feel and sound.
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