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The Five Guardians 1.0

The Five Guardians 1.0 2017-10-09

No permission to download
Hi everyone,

This is my very first game ever released, I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did making it ! ;)


In a country of the Eline World, named Oderma, the people are living peacefuly in their respected region. Moutains, forests, deserts and swamps are what this country is made of, and threat can come from anywhere, but the dwellers are well prepared to face wild animals and natural disasters such as sandstorms, snowstorms or earthquakes.

Unfortunately, a dark mistery is keeping everybody awake, haunting them with fear : Strange phenomens appeared , the dead are coming back to life and more and more people are reported missing.

It's in this context that the player will have to play a role, but which one ?

You'll have to figure it out.


Capture 01.PNG
Capture 02.PNG
Capture 03.PNG
Capture 04.PNG

NB: Feedbacks and reviews would be highly appreciated for my own good. Knowing if my game is liked by others is always good, and advices on every aspects will be as well good for me, I'll listen to what you have to say, if it is in a constructed way ;)

Thank you for your time and have fun !
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